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    Dear Santa ~ Don’t forget those in need.


    @mrs_teapot wrote:

    @annette-curtain wrote:

    @tinks wrote:

    @angeldust1 wrote:

    dear santa

    i have been very good all year so can i have more wails to wail at tinks. can u make sure nettee has more knitting so i can help her knit can u let me have more slaps for jimmy,and

    and dont tell nettes but her rocking chair is comfy hehe

    from Angeldust xx


    Dear santa

    Please please please can I have the biggest box of superdoopa earplugs you can find cos I dont think my lil ears can stand another year of her wailing ( flipping eck got the giggles now ) :lol:

    in desperation

    Dear Santa,

    Dont worry about the earplugs for Tinks , i have already knitted her some nice pink ones with bobbles on, but dont tell her. :wink: I was going to get her some wellies, but apparently she has some new ones now, and by all acounts they are really posh :lol:

    I’m not sure that Angel has been That good actually Santa, so please dont give her any more wool- she is like a woman on a mission once she gets hold of it :-

    Now as you can see Santa , it is Angel that has been sitting in my rocking chair when i’m not there #-o , and there was me thinking it was Cath 56 :oops: So just leave Angel the wails for Tinks , and the slaps (plenty of) for Jimmy i’m sure she will be more than happy with that 8-[

    Thanks .

    Love Nette x

    Dear Santa

    Please can I have some posh wellies like tinks, oh and a steam cleaner thingy

    Teapot 8)



    Thank you Santa I obviously was a very good girl :lol:


    @kent f OBE wrote:

    Thank you Santa I obviously was a very good girl :lol:

    Sometimes I feel guilty for being so lucky kent, but I truly believe we make our own luck. Im thankful santa was kind to us both and others too


    I love this little pink elephant


    Mrs T….if you don’t resent others happiness and luck (which I’m pretty sure you don’t) then you certainly shouldn’t feel guilty about your own. :D


    Dear Santa……………

    It was brill………….thanks for everything

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