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    @minim wrote:

    Forum 3 message threads are a small part of this message board. Yet you restrict your posts to this area?

    Thats quite sweet.

    trust me im sweet

    like a chewed up old toffee

    and my posts get me so many personal messages i just dont have the time for other forums sorry


    @sarah_1 wrote:

    Coorrrrr thats kind of you. :lol:

    and corrrrr to you tooo


    and for those that notice eve hasnt been around for a few days
    let me assure you its not because she has run off with annette

    her pc is busted


    @thin ice wrote:

    @sunny2468 wrote:

    Thin, we can’t all be heroes …….somebody has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by

    Flipper x

    sunny what can i say

    jc and the clap hmmmmmmm

    Errrrr… sunny is long gone , she went like the clappers


    gawd the boards really are dying




    Death of the rooms also. No wonder they can type fast, years of interbreeding has given them an extra finger. A clique full of the most backwards people you will ever come across,

    And yet another unjust banning borne out of jealousy for my creative names! I wouldn’t mind but every word in it is in the dictionary. Go figure.

    Another busy night for the chat guides.


    wake up i knew i could count on you lol


    thick slice the board killer :lol:


    @yvonne wrote:

    thick slice the board killer :lol:

    im like a bulb and your like a moth yvonne

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 524 total)

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