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    I take studies with a pinch of salt , studies show that red meat is bad for you on a Monday, good for you on a Tuesday, lack of sleep linked to brain damage on a Wednesday , no link found on a Thursday etc etc. I think people are too quick to throw the mental health label at anything to disguise the fact many issues are nothing to do with mental health but external factors in a fairly cruel world where suffering is inevitable.

    You don’t understand what mental illness is. Or what clinical depression is. It’s nothing to do with ‘life events’…

    The trouble with ‘drinkers’ and with people who ‘get depressed’ is that they tend to compare themselves to others and generalise. No one can understand anyone else until they have walked in their shoes. But they bleet on and on. Even the drinkers and the mentally ill have the cheek to judge others. As far as I am concerned, treat people as they treat you and do not use your drinking or mental health issues as any excuse to betray other people. If someone tells you something in confidence don’t betray them. its all so very simple. I wont accept excuses of im so depressed and im so drunk. If someone tells you a secret keep it. Anyone who betrays someones confidence is no one who needs any sympathy. If someone gave you the gift of a secret why betray them? why say its ok and then belittle them and make out that they are in the wrong? why then keep going on and on about how they ‘deserved’ you to betray them? WHY IS IT OK TO BETRAY SOMEONE WHO TRUSTED YOU WITH THEIR SECRET? Yeah no one likes a drinker, but there are drinkers and there are drinkers. Not all of us are untrustworthy horrible people who will betray others. If someone tells me a secret I keep it to myself. And I don’t care who hate me trolls me bullies me I would never ever betray them. But that is just me. I am the artful dodger. I would never ever be weak enough to bend to peer group pressure. I would rather be me than beg for people to like me. I would never betray a friend just to fit in.

    I just have no respect for weak pathetic people who just want to be liked by people who aren’t even relevant in the first place.

    Give it a rest fgs.Stop feeling so sorry for yourself,You havent walked in my shoes nor mine yours.You make yourself erelevant by hiding,its easy to hide and accuse.You are the one acting pethitic.Give evryone in this thread a break from your bellowing.

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    Wow Ruthless. Thanks for the link.

    By the way hello..think I have 29 minutes left. Hope you well!

    Geez who would think some thing like that could do that to an individual. Not only one but 2 others. So so sad…


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