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    di,s final journey will be next wednesday the 6th at 1pm.

    ty for your messages

    a lady passed this way.


    Can’t get this song out of my head maybe posting it will help


    There are people you meet during your life whether that be in real life or online who touch you in some respect.

    When they pass it is always sad but it is always better to celebrate the impact they have had on you and remember that rather than to mourn the loss because they will forever be a part of you


    Diane was one of the first people to say hello to me when I logged into the JC chatrooms. Online is such a strange place….Diane was always pushing an elephant up the stairs yet I knew from posts that she liked REM and absolutely adored her children.

    RIP xx


    Diane,although you were not that much older that me.You took a mother henish kinda role with me,lol.You always had nice and wise words for me.Not one for taking sides,you always pointed out others points of view.Always patient and kind.You were no push over,you could stand up for yourself if it was ever needed.I loved reading your posts,they were almost always quirky and a bit eccentric lol and they made me laugh.Bless your lovely Family,Rest In Peace Diane.I will miss


    I met Di a couple of times, years ago now…….but i will always remember the way she could laugh at everything, including herself.
    The first time I went to stay with her we went shopping…….we saw this stuffed puppy who snored, Di loved it so I bought it for her…………OMG.she used to txt me all the time saying *that bloody dog wont stop snoring so ive took the batteries out* then shed txt saying *i miss the snoring so put the batteries back in the puppy *…….LOL

    Glad youre not in pain anymore Di……God Bless xxx

Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)

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