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    Interesting point, Martin (I was about to say obergruppenfuhrer, but thought you may not appreciate the quip).

    It’s true, Trump is a cheap huckster who likes to shoot his mouth off – some Americans are like that – and in office he’s going to be in a different situation. The US has institutions in place to put a barrier to any would-be tinpot dictator, from Congress to Supreme Court to a multiplicity of agencies and advisers.

    But he’s not a nonentity. He’ll be expected to do something, even if he doesn’t keep every promise. He wasn’t elected on policy so much as a man who has succeeded in property development and reality tv, and will succeed in getting American back to the world power it used to be in the Good Old Days.

    He actually has set out two lists of Supreme Court nominees, from which he’ll choose. Nobody else has ever done this, I think. If he gts his way, the Court will have a conservative majority which will cut back on liberal cornerstoones likRoe-v Wade (about abortion).

    He also has power over treaty negotiations. He can call them off, and he’s made clear that climate change is a hoax and he wants to end US participation in UN climate talks. plus free trade treatiess are at an end. He’s a protectionist – the first time since the last war a protectionist has been elected. Get set for some nasty times – he’s going back to Roosevelt’s awful decision to ‘beggar-my-neighbour’ through trade wars back in 1933 – the lessons of the Great Depression and the Second World War are lost on this guy. He’s got to be seen to be doing something about migrants, especially Mexicans. ‘When will that wall be built?’ will soon be heard if he doesn’t get on with it.

    Will the UK benefit? really not sure why Pete doesn’t think US policy to the UK is relevant to him. The answer is probably, but be careful. US interests come first, and he didn’t just say Britain will not be at the back of the queue for trade deals, but that it won’t be at the front of the queue either. A trade deal with the US will take several years at best to conclude, and in the meantime the UK will suffer from having to obey WTO rules (unless we have a soft Brexit, whihc may be possible thanks to that national heroine, Gina Miller).

    Finally, this guy likes to tweet at 4am. He gets really angry, uncontrollably angry, with beauty queens and anyone. If one morning we all 9including Pete) don’t wake up, it’s because his fingers have been on the nuclear buttons rather than the tweet buttons (Putin making fun of the size of my pecker, well let him chew on this!!)

    Just saying.


    Speak for yourself, Gina Miller is no foookin heroine of mine, I’ll save that for some who deserves it, cheers.


    unless we have a soft Brexit, whihc may be possible thanks to that national heroine, Gina Miller

    I agree with the high court decision, but she is no heroine. She acted in her own interests only.


    Finally, this guy likes to tweet at 4am.

    What a monster, somebody stop him please!


    Shocking result !

    He will be managed by Congress hopefully !

    If he is left to act on his own then a recession in one year (2 at the max!)



    He can’t just press the button and NOTHING he does in his tenure will adversely affect me to any great degree. And America is a world power in fact THE world power.. it may be overtaken by China at some point but Russia will do bugger all.

    Sleep safely in your beds

Viewing 6 posts - 11 through 16 (of 16 total)

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