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    Quite interesting, we are relatively new, they may think of us the same as we do when standing on a slug, nothing…

    If they were to come down though, I would go with them, 100%, I hope they like dirty dancing x :rose:


    well i crashed on this earth, i am trying to find a rocket, i am a alien i am kind to humas who are to me, but keep that confidential!

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    dam i just posted on here saying i am a alien ffs, hmm i wonder if i can get my comment deleted. :unsure:   :scratch:


    Aliens 1- JN 3


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    i am a alien @ruthless  unless u mean me vs the other aliens or u think i am actually a human, any way i do feel like a alien  – odd – compared to other people. :unsure:   :scratch:




    I once caught a nasty looking alien masterbating in my fridge over frozen vegtables do you mind mate I shouted its ok he said I cum in peas……

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    oh sorry about that @milkman-of-human-kindness  i will find a different location, talking about locations i have no clue about that blackpool meet thing in jan, like no dates no times no intell about it no intell about who might go and i dont even no if it was real or just someone faked it. :unsure:   :scratch:


    if  an alien species has capability for intergalactic  travel. it will so advanced it will either see us  as a savage  over breeding and  destructive  but possibly interesting animal or  simply see us as   something  to get rid of  if they want  planet or resources. much like when we went to foreign lands and viewed local tribes as  ‘savages’  and  simply needing eradicating.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 11 total)

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