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    I support the Air Ambulance, without them my best friend would not be here today, also Breast Cancer Charity cos i have lost a good friend through this terrible disease, and having had a scare myself do what i can to help.



    I support guide dogs for the blind and many other charities – I have done The Nightingale Walk 4 times – 40 miles along the Thames tow-path – it nearly kills you! – my pic is in the pub and so are the dogs we have bought – you can google it and my local pub in London, which, funnily enough is called The Nightingale!


    UNICEF… well if its good enough for Robbie Williams!!! (he is an ambassador for them)Seriously they are the only charity to guarantee 80% of all donations are used with the people who need it, not on admin publicity etc




    I’m gonna try and get a piccie of all the dogs we bought and will plonk it on here – trouble is, hubby is in UK and camera is here – I will do it tho! :)


    @cath 55 wrote:

    is there one charity you give more too than another one? me, i will always give to kids charities collections, and multiple sclerosis as 2 members of my family have that what bout u?

    In this town the charity collectors can be a real pain in the butt……..if they’re not walking up to you and hasseling you in the street then they are standing in shop doorways aiming at your ribs with their collection pots………

    I do give to charities…………..I give when I want to, when I can and when I haven’t got some numpty thinkin their pressure is gonnna make me empty my purse.


    i help out @ charity events run by breast cancer. my friends neice had a bad time a few years ago and since then i have helped out as much as i can.and of course i give 2 the sspca as i love animals :lol:


    blue cross / dogs trust / devon air ambulance, guide dogs for the deaf, most small animal charities but not the rspca/ sspca they are a joke too much money wasted and they really dont care about the small incidents one iota in the main :twisted:



    Guide dogs for the deaf? Never heard of it. Anyway, I got my dog from Battersea Dogs Home, 11 years ago – so that is money well charitied!


    @anc wrote:

    Guide dogs for the deaf? Never heard of it. Anyway, I got my dog from Battersea Dogs Home, 11 years ago – so that is money well chartitied!

    its dogs that are trained to be deaf peoples ears, alert them to alarms, traffic, door bells, any sound really, for both the safety and convenience and life enhancment of deaf people


    I think they’re known as helping dogs rather than guide dogs, and helping dogs are trained for all sorts of disabilities.

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