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    This happens again, i will do my, best as a british citizen, to get rid of this rubbish.



    Guys i would never beg you for money.

    Simple as that.


    Mate i just wanna check its you and someone by the name of Q hasn’t taken   over your account as that’s a fair few posts in one day  :unsure:

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    Somebodys got to try and take this anti semitic work of a certain chatter down.

    I cant understand why the guides are allowing this.


    Lol somer.

    Difference between both



    Milky doesnt add all those laughter after. He a serious gent here.



    DONT NOT………????????

    don’t  is do not.

    you don’t need to add the not.

    the grammar here is shameful and embarrassing.

    One can only conclude his jc parents linda and callmepuds of a uneducated bringing up of this poor child. Or the simple fact his real parents ” the manager trevor and dolly the barmaid” of the blue dolphin hotel ” milks grammar spells it hotel, when infact its correct spelling is hostel” of allowing him to think he owns the place every fortnight when he wastes all his benefits money on old rastifarian hoburn they help him smoke, whilst allowing him a full hour usage of their wi fi n laptop to post his drug fuelled misery!





    One can only conclude his jc parents linda and callmepuds




    Sorry about the delay getting back chambers.

    Had a influx of guests.

    May i ask what old rastifarian, hoburn is?

    Ive heard of old holburn, but never hoburn.

    Seems you are no einstein yourself there!

    Sorry to pull you up, well back to desk dutys.


    Oh yes looney toon and ns, i cant get the salt stains, from the sea off my leather couch.

    Its like theres been a convention, for blackpools compulsive, masterbaters, on that sofa.

    Not having jcers here anymore.



    My concierges, dog has just bit someone fgs.

    Whatever next.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 13 total)

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