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    Hi, i have recently bought this drone from a bootsale, i was told its missing some parts. Can anyone advise me how i go about finding the right parts. The drone base doesnt appear to have a model number or serial number. Any advice would be appreciated.. I have enclosed a picture of the drone in question. :scratch:

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    What happened to the rest of the seat then? LOL


    B-) How very dull

    like none of has seen this every day for the last 3 weeks on face book


    i have a black drone aswell –

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    Thinice, unlike you i dont live my life through facebook or other internet sites B-)   It might do your heart more good to join a gym?you can get free passes for your age group! do your heart a favour, instead of sitting on your arse annoying people and posting comment complaining all the time!! run down to your local gym for a free months trial they do great offers for the elderly and infirm B-)

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    Can think of few others off the bat, that need that gym too!

    Ha ha, hee, hee


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    Other bats…

    MEATLOAF. ….

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    Seriously want me out of jc today from chatting, in any rooms, connection services.issues….

    These drones here want me out that much. Try to discourage me from nice chatting.

    Geez leave me alone. Never had so many technical issues in life since coming to jc. Not totally stupid, but quite tiresome..costly, and stupid on their part..

    Thanks for understanding. ..


    Its Halloween end of the month or if your into something more deep – you can do the Hindu festival.


    I would recommend you buy a drone complete or buy another drone to transport your drone ( and yourself) to a nerdy forum likes mumsnet.





    Facebook is one thing…this place is another…in my opinion….never the twain shall meet.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 23 total)

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