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    I must admit often I have tried to leave and come back as I generally enjoy several of you. I have peeked in for short periods in 2 days after over week out of rooms.

    I am grateful for training and downs. I thank those who provided information before my travel to u.k. I also thank my blessings I met a truly wonderful man at J.C. so that is a good finale. I drink a glass to you fine people as well.

    As like milky..u can reach out to him..I be there if need me..

    Ladyhm, pat, kenty, laine, just h., hv1, tracy1, steve31, Ed, tree,nemesis, mooosey, jamief, born at times lol. X puds, blueeyed boy, aameliaa, cleared to land, sassey, my rams..cho cho..rogue..amp. lol. Helen2, sandee, smokey where he these to those others kindness in chat. Scep u be well..I do thank you for all your support earlier on when journey awful here.. angelbabe..oh send my regards to Mario and laney. 9 keep hitting the pool balls..xx..will miss my technology educator..

    I stand by milky


    I stand by my friend Mooose.I get on with a lot of people,Mooose has been a true friend to me,i know her.She trusts me,and thats very important in friendship.

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    I forgot both manchester tracys rude boy and mcfc .

    I will leave gracefully now.

    Thats half the room banter i enjoy if you go too.Dunno i might as well go too.Not that iv been in much like,hardley anyone to speak to.Mostley just to in to the room to si hi to the trolls im still here after all you did to try get rid of


    You forgot to mention Orson linda….LMAO RATF PMl


    Well I hope Milky and Linda do not leave JC either…I get on with you both….again take a break however if you don’t come back I would like to wish Milky and Linda great happiness together for the future…its been lovely seeing Linda mush over Milky…..and Milky make those trips out to America xx


    If you can’t take a break…just have a Kit Kat…..LMAO


    You never actually said you trusted moosey though…..


    You never actually said you trusted moosey though…..

    Was this question to me?….not sure where I raised the issues of trust ….however seen as you are asking and if it is to me…..yes I actually trust Mooose…she has also proved she can be trustworthy….we have never needed to shout it from the rooftops…I hope you feel better for knowing :good:

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    Sorry and sad to see you go moo. At least you went out with no fuss or long goodbyes, unlike some! Anyway moo- i hope you think about coming back sometime soon otherwise the losers have won!!! As the song goes…..
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    LMAO……….yeah girl power….alwight…..yeah…….PML

Viewing 10 posts - 101 through 110 (of 110 total)

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