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    Well after a year and half, lock downs, closed businesses, limitation on gatherings, no travels, missing  loved ones, and varients, you think enough is enough?

    Think 99.9 percent are here and across the pond. So we followed all guidelines, did what told, deaths down, more vaccinating of people, let your people go.. It is about time…..

    Many here say it still the politicians who run our States whom want control. Many businesses have shut for good, our economy as most likely your Country drying up and squeezing taxpayers dry. 6 trillion budget..more than half bogus b.s. and already funded or not used from last hand out. Sad state of affairs.

    Let your people go…….



    linda did you know that all the vaccine does is make you tell the truth :unsure:

    truth syrup :bye:


    I did take a look at his bill, scope & 6 trillion budget.

    Its going to be a bigger failure than the world war adjusted compensation act of 1924.


    I’m sure most of the budget will end up in the pockets of the few instead of the many.   Congress didn’t vote this thru to help the working man and lobbyists worked hard to ensure that.

    This will lead to the same kind of trouble that followed the world war adjusted compensation act too.




    It seems like history is going to repeat yet again.



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    Oh yes ..Mr. fishy..we in big trouble.. many of us saw trouble first month of President take over. One week..42 black folders got rid of workable policies and implements oh well b.s. Prices going up. People dont want to go back to work with unemployment benefits in which make more than working. Many Americans busting asses that still work. Extra few hundred in pay check now reduced and my real estate taxes sky rocketing like many. Don’t fix what not broken I always said… the surge of immigrants staying in fancy hotels..flown or bussed on fine coaches to cities late in night. I saw such coaches coming home one morning from work..6 hugh ones going to my border state of Connecticut. 2 coaches got off at a local all night diner for food. Whose dam money paying for that.

    See any unity promised in 6 months? None of us have. Getting worse.




    My main issue with his bill is:


    “As the IRS processes 2020 tax returns, it is also sending new $1,400 stimulus payments to those people it did not previously have on record.

    Even if you do not have a permanent address or bank account, you may still qualify for a stimulus check, according to the IRS.

    That includes people who are homeless, poor and live in rural areas, as well as other underserved groups ”

    This is so open to abuse by criminals its beyond a joke.   America  seen many a dead voter still voting over the years and I have a feeling all these “voters” will be receiving 1400 bucks.

    I can float in on a beer barrel and ask for this payment too.

    What the hell is going on   :scratch:


    Another 1,400.00 was as well sent plus 600.00. Lol sending to dead people yep…AND now do you understand why election was stolen? Many many States had dead voters voting…people not residents in a State..Seniors voting who had not previously voted. Multiple same voter false drop off mailer boxes disappearing..reappearing with votes all for BIDEN not the other guy, not one.

    First day in office 11,000 people lost jobs working on a pipeline. 10,000 second week.. ummm..

    And those so called thousands and thousands illegals absorbing as well off our system. 40,000 kids last month alone. So now wanting people to open to foster care. Government pays for that too.  WHAT about our own American children who need homes. Our homeless on the streets. Where are the humanitarian voices for our own.

    As I said it a total mess. Check out our school issues too. Remove basic curriculum and put instead culture/race.. My parents..grandparents who came to Ellis Island from Italy, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands never owned slaves, Never part of the kkk so many like me should suffer because of our heritage, bad mistakes by history makers before us.

    Yes every Country may need to make some changes, but to come this far and bring no resolve or peace. I fear for our future growth, development of our young impressonable children whose views may be twisted, confused and focused on one thing not able to be open minded and think on their own.

    Covid has influenced our life and has taken over everyone for year and half. Enough..let us move forward freely


    Its funny how we never hear moaning about “our own kids “needing foster care until the issue is attached politically to a new President who is disliked by “many”

    We all know countries have problems with immigration, its not ideal, it would be nice in a perfect world to get a good balance…sadly its not to be…people need a chance to settle and become part of communities it doesn’t happen overnight, negative discussions do not help

    Linda, you are from immigrant parents yourself, it take time to settle, to become part of the community, like you are now…..PEOPLE NEED A CHANCE!

    It’s inhumane to think you are better than an immigrant…there is enough space in this world for people to move around and live how they wish, wether its illegally or not…I am not saying is ok to live illegally somewhere, but you know what…..I know person, well known in his line of work who has bought a property in the states…I wont say which state, has been living there illegally for years…its madness

    There are different types of accepted illegal immigrants…the ones you know are illegal and the ones you don’t know

    as for “normal” immigrants….well they are only accepted when they fit in to peoples liking


    Kenty I was born here. My parents were..not my grandparents.

    Yes prior to President, homelessness and foster care were issues. Big ones. However, incentives to reach or help out were not the offers that are offered now.

    Lol I know of 2 illegal families, (homes) right in my own neighborhood. One from China who owns a restaurant been here 10 plus years. Has 8 others living there..but they work not live off system. The other from Pakistan who has a Curry house restaurant and 12 live in his home.  I know and see them. Hard workers… honestly dont know how do it..but pay into our system. People look other way.

    I have said many times here over the years this Country built on immigrants legal entry, and embraced working side by side.

    Immigrants today not being checked for diseases.  Being transported all over States. Disappear and not show up for Court appearances.

    Incentives to get vaccines lol free football tickets, donuts, coffee.

    Incentives for immigrant the 1,000 a month previous, now 2,100 a month for illegals not American children. American children 1,200 per child. One time no more than 1 child foster a month. Have to look..limit 1, think 4 now. Medical services and pharmaceuticals were increasing due to those whom not pay for coverage. Yes this also includes American Medicaid, medicare services for seniors. But our seniors are living much longer and system already heavy with burden. With all these illegals coming in weighing system even more. Who pays kenty? The taxpayers whom work and legal.

    Btw. Thank you for your response  x



    Oh by giving people a CHANCE..I have and so have many others. 100,000 and more in few months a little much don’t you think?

    One time I really needed help about 10 years ago for my child. My mother and father needed help and because we had money and job, home..denied services really needed.  My father spent over 200,000 for my mom’s care his years of sweat saving for retirement and my mom over 140,000 for dad. So it pays to be poor i guess.


    And I have advocated way prior to any President liked or not in helping homeless and children.  My mother also did foster care for 15 years. Housed 31 children in that time period. I lived with them all until adopted out. They came however very different. Burned by parents, broken leg..arm…brutally hurt. System not give my parents too much money back then. My parents shelled much out of own pocket. That past seeing.. I continue to help when and where can.

    And environment I work in I help people get a chance or 2nd one too!


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