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    Not joking here.. simply sharing..

    2 weeks ago several of my clients had vaccine as well as members of my team..

    Few days ago learned few have had allergic reaction. Signs are at the shoulder toward down the injection area near to forearm. Rash is red and apparently very itchy. So Doctors are following up on it..mean time using benadryl cream lotion can find at your pharmacy. Please make sure u check in with your Doctors. Another symptom is extreme fever.. and the other is fever, chills and ache. Like flu symptoms.

    So just providing knowledge or things that may or may not happen as each of our bodies unique and have own tolerances. And others have felt upbeat, full of energy and no issues at all

    Be well and safe all



    Strange that one person knows of several reacting to coronavirus vaccine, when 30 million have received the vaccine without any ill effects?


    Well Gent…if you read carefully. I merely pointed out hands on knowledge..IF have vaccine it may, or not, provide reactions!

    THAT IS WHAT A F.Y.I. MEANS… HEADS UP. SHARING.. what learned. 2 weeks after vaccine given this what CAN happen OR NOT.

    30 million have had vaccine.. and your point to remind  me of that? As I have heard ALL WORLD LEADERS SAY OFTEN…ONE DEATH FROM COVID SHOULD OF NEVER HAPPENED…



    Thank you for sharing that information Linda, but quite frankly it’s redundant as those who have bothered to research about the vaccine know that there is a small percentage of low level side effects. Better a rash than dead eh?

    My 89 year old neighbour received the vaccine last week and she didn’t even have an ache in her arm afterwards. No side effects whatsoever.

    But as I said.  Thanks.



    As said we all different. Have own tolerances.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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