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    I have to agree with the good chatters here and thin. Not often heh,

    But I agree. Some of us may be vunerable..helpful..try..but to continually be a target at a nice person indeed. Surely these jerks wake up at some point.. find another play ground. Very sad.. I too hope janey well and o.k.


    Arty and q. Make good couple of delinquents. Hope they enjoying pleasure. LMAO..


    Thanks Mooosey,i really wasent paying that much attention then i saw ah looks like morge is up to his old tricks.Janey is one of those people that she will go out of her way to help someone if she thinks she can.She just thought she could help him.He,s in a bad place and we all need a mate.Lol mr q and arty can get stuffed.What they think is of no imprtance.Hope it all gets sorted,dont like to see a good person getting all that greaf.

    Firstly Thin, I agree, I don’t know janey well and can only go off my impression of her, which was good fun, happy, non aggressive and a hard working and good mum who loves her  children.

    jamie, not sure if I agree with your opinion or logic. Have you spoken to janey recently? Did she tell you she was trying to ‘ help’ morg  ? Have to say that’s not the impression I got. May well have read it wrongly but she seemed to me to just be having a giggle, banter, and couldn’t see what all the fuss was about and why she was warned about him, why everyone was taking it so seriously !?!!  I also think you describing him as being in a bad place is overly forgiving. If even 1 tenth of what’s been said about him is true, he’s been in a bad place for many years, he is charming on occasion, but mainly manipulative , cruel, threatening,  violent and very very vicious !! I’d just as soon push him under a bus as forgive and help him and yes I do see the irony !!  Janey may well be fine and still think it’s funny and no one else’s business , I hope she is, however if she isn’t she shouldn’t be embarrassed about it, she won’t be the first to be taken in by him will she, she is lucky tho,  to have so many people worried for her , let’s hope it’s unrequired  concern 👍🏼🤞🏻

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    She decided to date a man who was arrested for abusing another women in the street.

    She allows him to use her account to post up rubbish.

    I am sure she is now enjoying many many abusive texts and phone calls from a screaming enraged man because she was in the bath and didn’t answer her phone.

    She may not respond as she may be ‘at a spar’ in Skegness paying for everything as he never puts his hands in his pockets.

    She found it very funny when it was all happening to another woman.

    As for the bus?  Nah bus won’t do it.


    Did she find it funny ? Did she even know about it ? Or did he say it wasn’t true, just a bunch of lies, people trying to make him look bad because they are jealous ? Did she chose to believe the latter and give him the benefit of the doubt ? Who knows 🧐🤔

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    Well this post has certainly got the attention that was obviously  intended.


    🤔🤔🤔                       🤔🤔 🤔


    Dunno Mooosey.I dont talk to janey in pm or anything,so just dont know.I took it she was going to reach out to him and be a friend,rather than be involved romanticly.Just hope all is well with her.


    Well this post has certainly got the attention that was obviously intended.

    🤔🤔🤔 🤔🤔 🤔

    Have to agree with Tracy here, unless someone corrects me on my understanding of the way JC works.

    In the old JC you could pretend to be a reg in the chatrooms in order to embarrass them, but not in the new JC.

    However, you’ve never been able to pretend to be someone else on the boards because you need a password.

    If your account is hacked, that just means that someone has somehow got a hold of your password. It doesn’t stop you coming in and complaining that you’ve been hacked, because your password still works for you as much as for the hacker.

    To my knowledge, Janey allowed Morg to know her password so she could have a laugh with him for posting rubbish such as was posted at the start of this thread.

    I respect thin’s awareness of her actual character, but she’d need to be unusually fragile by anyone’s standards to be deeply hurt at the rubbish at the start of the thread. No personal information. Just the same crap which he’s posted before with her consent.

    She hasn’t complained, the posts aren’t revealing of anything, so…

    Tracy is right.


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    Be intresting if weemo came forward and told us how he got her log in details?

    Ive heard through chat it was through threats?

    This i cant confirm, maybe she can.


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    Weemo remember when you lent morgs your log in details to abuse peoples parents.

    Was not 3 months ago i could repost it to jog your memory?

    Snake like behaviour comes back on people.

    Go on mo tell the truth for once.

    il let chatters decide when they see what sort of scumbag comments were made from your account mo!

    The truth always.

    Hope you got a spa weekend for sellling you soul weemo.

    Not a bit of drunken smooth talking eh!

    Im sure ive got this wrong right?

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