• Since I bothered logging on … Just another clarification,

    may have appeared an odd thread started by Jamie, but I can assure you it wasn’t because she was ” off her head” when she asked the question , as I’ve been told has been said lol ( this place hounds you even when you stay away, one way or another, ) I asked jamie if she had problems…[Read more]

  • Hello, I’m not ‘ back posting’ ,,,,, before anyone pipes up , just thought I’d nip this one in the bud.

    Jamie is doing pretty well for a dead person. Spoke to her earlier, she’s happy as Larry,  told me about the new kitchen she’s just bought, is looking after her grandchildren a lot, not touched a drink in months and months and is doing great,…[Read more]

  • I’m done with this place, not flouncing, not my style, but not having my character annihilated over nothing, by people who don’t even know me , Mizzy may well decide to stand and fight her corner , her choice, I feel the need to stay away from characters who see me as such a horrible person, so after 10 years plus  ciao to all the decents 😗

  • Sorry, just saw this,

    I’m actually gobsmacked !! and more than a bit upset. I have no clue what the problem is ? I thought Linda and I rubbed along ok  dont always agree but respected each other?

    If you would like to explain what this is all about please pm me, why the reference to drink again ? lol ? Sorry  no clue …  I work long shifts Mi…[Read more]

  • mooosey88 replied to the topic Shamima Begum in the forum Getting serious 2 months ago

    I’m not up on all the facts and figures on this subject, not really giving an opinion at this time on the should she shouldn’t she debate,  however, just pointing out that it isn’t easy to die from malnutrition , so to speak, maybe its being used as a coverall  for neglect ?

    To die from malnutrition is a long , slow and painful death, without A…[Read more]

  • mooosey88 replied to the topic Shamima Begum in the forum Getting serious 2 months ago

    pmsl  valid point lol 😉

  • mooosey88 replied to the topic Shamima Begum in the forum Getting serious 2 months ago

    Childish Thin, very childish, that just lost you any credit you earned at being able to partake in an adult debate…… :negative:

  • Sigh… no it wasn’t exactly what she said, or it would have been a quote and not explained anything for you !!!   Maybe she’ll agree with me because she agrees with me ? though that just  won’t sit well now will it as you cleverly preempted it    ;-)   You don’t really understand the sister thing do you ? You may think you do, but you don’t as it…[Read more]

  • 😁 would be funny Linda ! Don’t want to get too near tho in case Milky starts growling and batting me away with a rolled up newspaper !!

    Actually, he’s just doing what any gentleman should, defending his lady.  :good:

  • Now I’m genuinely confused  :wacko:

    Your “ on behalf of JC I’d like to welcome you back “ post I was not sure who it was aimed at lol. I’m still not sure !! There’s a few who haven’t been around for a while, not sure who called you a bumpkin either and I must have missed the football team joke ?? I think I know who its aimed at …. and if I’…[Read more]

  • Oh I see, Linda’s post was a joke ? Are you sure now ? Hmmm…. see I don’t think so,

    I call things wrong at any time of day, if I realise I called it wrong I say so and have done of many occasions , I don’t think I did call it wrong, I think Linda was genuinely being helpful, and I was tired , grumpy and sarky , for which I have already said…[Read more]

  • Mehhhh….  well milky not nit picking at all, that would mean I look for things to pick at, which I don’t, being a sarky cow at times ? Yes , I’ll take that one, sorry, it just pops out and was more than justified IMHO , I’ve already said sorry and Linda is more than capable of defending herself and more than justified in having a ‘pop’ b…[Read more]

  • mooosey88 replied to the topic Shamima Begum in the forum Getting serious 2 months ago

    Cheers Linda !

    We’ll be sure to pass that on to British Embassy, the Home Secretary, other relevant government departments and the Immigration department ! I’m sure they’ll find that useful  :good:

    On a less sarcastic note ( aplologies for that ) , I do agree with most posts, Tracy’s I understand most, seeing her Father pallying up with kno…[Read more]

  • Sophs means it doesn’t  really matter what the thread or topic is…. Linda can’t win, not that it should be a battle anyway, but more importantly , you can’t lose… you just go on and on, brow beating the person with a differing opinion, with what Soph described, till they give in and stop typing, then you think you’ve  won,.. sigh.,, you tr…[Read more]

  • really am dropping it, i cant keep up with who likes who, who doesn’t like who, who used to like who, who isn’t the who you thought who was anyway, who the …        ” So I think I speak for all JC  …… etc….to say just how glad to have you back ”, was actually aimed ???????   by Milky, ?????   coz I’m pretty sure you don’t speak for…[Read more]

  • tut,,, never said nem was a mate    said artful was mizzy’s mate  :wacko:

  • Ladies, there is only 1 person watching this unfold and loving the attention it indirectly brings them ( although toe gate disclosure must be a tad embarrassing, ( if  not it should be lol ) , the whole threat of posting compromising pics is despicable I’m sure you both agree, don’t lower yourselves to his slimey level, he’ll be laughing at his…[Read more]

  • Well someone has a definite Toe Fetish thing going on ….   It’s all coming out now …  lolol.

    :yahoo:   :wacko:

  • Call me mad….. but I sense a ‘shit-storm ‘ on its way…..

    *dons a sowester , grabs a fisherman’s brolly and finds an unoccupied corner…*

    :whistle:   B-)

  • Too right Sistaaaa…  :good:

    imagine being brought up on The Bachelors and Val Doonican !!!  :whistle:   :-(   :negative:   :negative:   :negative:

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