• Maybe Scep you should take your debate and issues to a website suited …    Obviously here no one is on the same intellectual level….but be prepared for answers in far more depth than you deliberately try to blind people with

    big fish little pond ….

  • I’m sorry Scep, truly, but i do think your attitude to these matters puts ppl off posting, you obviously are well read and have very strong opinions, you also obviously do many hours of research and quote people readily ,( sometimes from 1991,) , who a lot of  people have never heard of, ( as you well know ) most of us just watch the news or…[Read more]

  • Personally I don’t think you take any of my opinions seriously lol    I’m obviously not worth reading properly as if you did you wouldn’t make so many mistakes, you skim them, decide I’m ranting and move on quickly. Ge has far more in depth knowledge than me or anyone else so far on here, Jamie was patronised for her opinion beyond belief lol   a…[Read more]


  •  How is the EU bullying us???

    Again with the words in mouth thing, twisting what people say    I said the EU are bullies, I said they have been deliberately making things difficult for us, but I quoted Italy and  Greece, not us, or the fact they are actively suing 3 eastern European,  poor countries, for millions because they refuse to acce…[Read more]

  • You did not explain what it was about at all !!! until I challenged you on it being misleading  which it was ! Now you’ve been rude yet again, I’m either ranting or talking from Fantasy Island. Fine !  End of Talks ! mehhhh…….

  • *shakes head*

    Apply the rules you expect others to follow to yourself.. had anyone else done that you would have said it was misleading , like you did with Morgan and graphgate, but no, not you, your’e allowed to do it because you mean something else entirely that the rest of us thicko’s just don’t get and worse than that you don’t even admit or…[Read more]

  • Yes, entirely my adaptation and opinion, but precious little to do with Trump. I don’t even mention Trump.”

    Precious little to do with Trump ?  Grow up Scep. The cartoon penned by Matt Groening  in 1991 ( which seems to have been removed) was a piss take of the oath of alligience, USA,  and it was posted on the thread,’ Trump Glorious Trum…[Read more]

  • Well they got it wrong when they predicted a ‘Remain’ landslide win on The Referendum, as did the BBC… and all its clever economic and political experts and pundits. The British people turned out in force to vote ( for once) they felt so strongly about it, on both sides, people would be stupid to assume they’ve changed their minds now, in fact…[Read more]

  • The new voters who’ve come onto the register since the referendum – people who were 16 and 17 at that time – want to remain by 7 to 1.

    Scraping the barrel here !! No lets wait till the 12 year old’s are of age, after all its their future too. I have never ever heard anyone with the opinion that the EU are bending over backwards to help ? Not e…[Read more]

  • It’s not a rant at all….  It is my opinion that you telling everyone how good they had it is ridiculous. Stop putting words in my mouth AGAIN.

    A big majority of Labour voters voted not to leave – that included the majority of Liverpool and Manchester.  They were not the chocc mocca crowd, but people concerned with their jobs, health and edu…[Read more]

  • The stats on the number of people needing to use food banks, which shot up in 2013-2014 and has grown steadily since would suggest not all were ‘thriving’

  • It’s not a poll, not BBC or anyone else. Just the expression of frustration from a Remainer about the almighty mess we’re getting in.”

    Oh right my apologies, so its just some random bloke moaning, sorry but I think the #Panorama was very misleading, as was the Matt Groening cartoon on the Trump thread which had nothing to do with Trump, jus…[Read more]

  • Tbf The Bbc has pretty much lost all credibility with it’s biased reporting on various issues, were do these figures come from? a poll ?  no one asked me or anyone I know. As someone who moves about and works in the community a lot I hear lots of discussion about this issue and I believe the pro brexit figures are much higher than 5% lol. In fact…[Read more]

  • Bit of your own opinion and adaptation is it ?  Matt Groening penned that in 1991, when George H W Bush (senior) was in office…. nothing to do with Trump !  :scratch:

  • I’d rather eat my own foot thanks !  :whistle:

  • It wasn’t Jamie who posted “ message from my friend Sarah”  it was Justin

    Presumed Morg or ( The Ambassador of Truth) has also been banned , I assume for flooding ! No one believed the silly been sent down thread he wrote using someone else’s account surely ?

    Hugs, it’s been lovely here last few days,  the other fella is on a break , been no s…[Read more]

  • Tbf, I seriously doubt he has read this thread, why would he? It isn’t addressed to him. Over the last 6 months I don’t bother reading hundreds of threads either, depending on who has posted them.  I presume this site isn’t Martins main job / form of income and accept that he may not have a lot of time to sit and read through hundreds of thread…[Read more]

  • on a healthy lifestyle  :good:

  • Oi  Less of the old you !!  Come on Rose, we know you enjoy a good slapping ;-)   :rose:

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