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     However after reading about mortgage free, Cars, Bedside ect..then I had no idea this was a competition  of materialistic items.


    wtf is she on about ?? :unsure:

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    You can always count on Ang every 3 months to read a couple of posts and , I presume , pissed up , to get everything wrong again .. lol  its almost a regular occurrence,  funny really  , she pops up like a blood moon, having not been in rooms or forums she swoops in and talks shyte    its hilarious !!!  hehe  make me giggle :good:

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    Now that made me LOL   hehe  funny :yes:

  • Cluedo ? ?  Oh no….. that’s Plum  :yahoo:  …..

    Tis a modern type singer chappie Scep, Rap and all that malarkey ya know ….

    What’s that you say ? There’s a ruddy great herd of Wildebeest stampeding over the horizon ? I say….. :whistle:

  • Linda,he really is best ignored. Do you not see what he does ?  Spouts to people about ignoring negative comments, be the bigger man, water off a ducks back and all that malarkey, yet gets his own little digs in constantly, small snidey ones. He’s done it for ages, then when people retaliate he acts like a bullied victim. He’s old news in my…[Read more]

  • What a complete load of TOSH !! I haven’t been using boards for years and years and you weren’t attacked.

    Funny how you post inappropriate comments on a memorial thread that quite a few people were disgusted about and now your the poor old victim ? Nice try. If you’ve been attcked for years and years it hasn’t diminished the quantity of threads…[Read more]

  • Big Fat Dill Pickles !!!! Need I say more ……. yum…..

  • Hey Ge, you can eat as many as you like, I notice there’s no artificial colourings or flavourings !!!  Fill ya boots ! Its practically health food !!! ;-)

  • OOOO  choc ices yessss    No  the way to eat a choc ice is to squeeze the ice cream through a small hole in the wrapper, then open the wrapper up and pick off all the chocolate that’s stuck to it lol :yes:

  • I’ll probably regret this …. but here goes…

    I eat pretty healthily, quite a bit of fish, fresh veg, fruit and salads, don’t eat much chocolate or sweets, not because I’m a good girl lol, because I don’t really have a sweet tooth. There are a few things though that I know are bad to eat, but now and again I do simply because I love them, I d…[Read more]

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    you’ve asked that before and I’ve also forgotten the answer lol :unsure:

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    Look at the thread you guys are arguing on. Come on, we all know who we like, dislike etc …  surely we don’t have to keep repeating , and yes I’m guilty of same thing…  The future is unknown and I’m sure however much we dislike, mistrust each other we all feel a mutual sadness for someone who has tragically lost someone they loved before the…[Read more]

  • sceptical guy

    It’s not just you, Demelza. Quite a few people were pretty angry.

    Q has finally worked out how to get a reaction, and he does seem to need a reaction. usually nobody can be bothered to replay, but he’s now worked out that if he says something gross he can get noticed. Nothing’s going to stop him now.

    This is BANG ON !![Read more]

  • Nice to see how sensible and courteous we can all be. Some good idea’s and valid points on this thread, apart from 1. MisterQ just cannot quite grasp that adults can agree or disagree with viewpoints and opinions. If you like a persons post it does not mean you like all their posts, and vice versa. If I agree with a post I like it, it doesn’t m…[Read more]

  • I know I have mentioned it before and I know recently I think Somer mentioned it, maybe others have to, is there any possible chance of having a ‘Dislike’ button alongside the ‘Like’ button. It would actually save a lot of dispute, ( unless of course you like a good dispute ;-)  ). Sometimes it would be great to simply dislike a comment. If you…[Read more]

  • Linda, please pass on my condolences to Belle, not spoken for a long while but my thoughts are with anyone suffering the agony of losing a loved one , especially one so young with so much life ahead of them. Tragic.

  • Not sure if this is ‘ pop lit’ or not really but one of my fave novels , an easy reading one, not one that taxes your brain too much , was Khaled Hosseni , A thousand glorious suns ,  he also wrote The Kite Runner and And the Mountains Echoed,   The Kite Runner was a moving film , but the thousand suns novel sticks in my mind. Based in Afgha…[Read more]

  • Oh Dear is correct, are you implying I am unable to read ? lol

    So If ever I reply to a post by you I am automatically ‘ trolling’ ? Are you for real? I mean seriously ? You attack Linda, yet again, for posting to Ge and Rude ( I presume , about the BS not being worth it ) and yet you call anyone who even mentions your name a Troll !  AGAIN ,  I’…[Read more]

  • This post is aimed directly at Hugs and Winks

    Yaaa Teee Bockertyyy

    Fing Fang Fadooo

    Ni Ni Ni


    I can read whatever post I want to read

    I can comment on any post I want to comment on

    You cannot stop me

    You Sir, are a plank !!


  • So ? Who put you in charge of what people are allowed to post ???? No one did. You’re just a chatter, nothing more, she wasn’t talking to you and doesn’t need your permission. She can post what she likes so keep your beak out !! Troll !

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