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    Me personally I have a Gold 2017 J3 Samsung it’s the bees knees.

    See the source image

    Or does the I phone out class Samsung what phones do you people own and what is your opinions on Samsung Mobile phones Versus I Phones….?

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    I use a Samsung Note as i use the stylus.  Never owned an iphone. Never wanted an iphone.  I also want an open architecture and be able to control my phone which is difficult with Iphone.

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    A lot of the time………..talking about phones is just showing off how much money you’ve spent on one or how new it is……seems to me over the last 2 decades or so…….people can do every thing on their phone but talk to another human being….



    Samsung all the way for me!! suppose its just what you get used to first.

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    I have both iPhone and  a J6……….Apple just charge over the odds in my opinion.  I think personally its more of a status thing to say you’ve got an Apple device.

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    Japanese versus the Americans….LMAO RATF PML



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    I phone. Simple ! Suits me. ( yes yes very funny…. true tho !) Find Samsung too faffy !! Though think camera on Samsung better. Not sure how you can critique something you’ve never used ? And what has its colour got to do with it ?  :scratch:


    Only poor old Morg could say “ what is your opinions on Samsung….etc” bless, wb Morg, you prob could have bought a pack of fags with that tenner but chose instead to share your thoughts with us….. what a sweety xxx

    😱.     🤔😁

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    I have these, Samsung S8 and the smartwatch, looks better than wearing an emergency button round my neck so if i fall i just tell it to either ring for an ambulance or my kids

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