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    Soph.Do you have a little wager most weekends?

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    Get well soon Mooooooooosey!

    don’t overdo it!

    mwah x :good:

    Don’t over do it !!!  :yahoo:

    if I went any slower I’d be in reverse !! Bored stiff tho !! Getting very used to having a wee siesta of an afternoon tho , how will I cope back at work with out a granny nap ???? :scratch: ( not a granny yet no lol )   Something lovely tho having a sleep in the day …. sigh….  :good:

    maybe I should watch some horse racing pic up a few tips for our Sophs !! Naaa. I just about know the back end from the front end of a horse ! The back end is just like Morgs mouth, same stuff comes out too 😁   🐴💩  :yes:

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    Hiya soms! just spotted your message. yeah I do a little bet most weekends. When my dad was ill 6 years ago i would write his bets for him. A yankee double  or treble ! all pretty complicated to me :) id never heard of words like ” Ante-post, Handicap, National Hunt, photo finish etc. I soon got the knack. I got to know all the old experts in the bookies chatting and having a little banter. My dad, brothers and mates went to the Irish curragh every year including the stud farms. Mixing in these circles they would get the odd tips sent to them. I still get tips  now and again  i’ve given them out in here :) Welshy even won £150 I think she treated herself to some jewelry. Lancs man had a few wins with tips I passed onto him. Don’t see him in here anymore :(..Years ago my best friends dad was a marker in the bookies this was before computers lol   as the saying goes “You have to speculate to accumulate” Good luck for the next cheltenham week 2020 x

    Mooo, stick with getting better and leave the geegees to the experts haha


    Gives Soph a big hug.Im @ Chepstow on Saturday and likes the look of Highest Sun in the 14.25.

    And backed Reserve Tank at big prices for the JLT and RSA chase @ the chelt fest 2020 which runs at Chepstow @15.55.



    I laughed at somer and Sophia here. My favorite words or win… where booth to collect……


Viewing 5 posts - 21 through 25 (of 25 total)

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