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    somer 1 lonely I see no one really cares about you or your thread :yahoo:
    they only started posting when they knew moosey had finally lost the plot son :wacko:
    you need to go out and get some fresh air the loneliness is killing you pal x :good:
    Are you really that lonely you have to ask if there is life out there pmsfl lmfao :bye:



    Yes mooo isn’t it a disgrace! The three top floors . The idiots Carillion said the building complied with fire regulations?? wtf. It was only when  Grenfell Tower tragedy happened and new building standards that it was noticed! imagine a  hospital full of staff and sick people burning down because of faulty cladding! These cowboys are known for cutting corners to save a few bob. The cladding is just one in a string of structural issues, cracks in structural beams and problems with the ventilation  system in the theatres . The building should have been finished and handed over by march 2017 and now its going to cost a further 120 million because of the balls up caused  by Carillion! 2013 the work started and hopefully we are looking at sometime in 2020. When its finally completed  it will  the biggest single-bedroom hospital in England. My three nieces and son work in the royal Moo, i’m glad they are still young enough to make the move to the new hospital and hopefully enjoy their career with the NHS.


    Somer lad, your horse came in 6th :) I put my money on Escobar  it reminds me of someone from here :wacko: . Mine came in third :) I think your fan needs some attention paying to it? its side kick has mysteriously disappeared :)

    Before I forget I need to correct my post to mooosey. I said ” paid you a visit ” meant payed ! must be all those bills I’ve been paying lately  :-(   But id have gladly paid to visit you moo haha. Had to get it in before the spelling cops got onto it. Sad fkers.

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    Oh my god I was correct the first time pmsl. Paid you a visit fgs. Blame the jet lag I landed early hours this morning ! I feel like I’m walking on sponge and half floating wheeeeee.

    i’m only human  :wacko:

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    Was on at 16/1 from Tuesdays Soph. Thought it was a goodun.Better news was Dallas Des Pictons winning its 1st race over fences by 20lengths which i have backed for Cheltenham 2020 to win any race at 20/1.Just been going though all my Cheltenham 2020 bets and have never done so many by Oct and still 5 months to go.Thinks todays winner was backed from 8/1 down to 11/4 fav so someone and his mates were in the know.

    Next Weemo (aka Red Devil) why you letting Morg use your new account to attack me? If your wanna lose your account again let him carry on if not change you password B-)

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    Yeah Soms, the odds went down to 7/1 was a favorite. 17 ran, its anyone’s race with that many. Takes note for next years Cheltenham 2020 :)


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    They were told after Grenfell the cladding was diff and would be fine !

    What kills you Soph is the new build has to have staff maintaining what’s in there! There are MRI and CT scanners plus tons of other state of the art equipment already installed and of course it has to be meticulously maintained on a daily basis just like the rest of the build, millions of pounds worth , just sat there, not a patient in sight !! so 2 sets of staff 1 set of patients ! Just madness !!

    Somer, ignore the weirdo !! Just don’t stoop !

    It needs a chat site specifically for Amoeba’s ! So it can socialise with others of the same level

    If  it’s not getting any attention it has a wee tantrum, in a 7 year olds style !!

    Keep Smiling !  :good:


    Sorry to hear you’ve been  poorly mooosey and knowing you, you can’t wait to get back into action! Hope you’re back on full form soon ! xxx


    Oh Mooosey get well soon very soon xx


    Get well soon Mooooooooosey!


    don’t overdo it!


    mwah x  :good:

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