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    And no Q. Im talking life not someone missing his chuckle brother for the umpteenth!!!

    So Who got/wanna start a thread where we can have some imput without the MUPPETS starting?

    Its over to you guys……..

    Winner of the 15.10 @ Ascot imo on Sat is…………Bedouin’s Story.

    And if it looses you dont get ya monies back B-)

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    If you take the scientific theory and the planets learning or told about survival basic needs I do question if in fact we humans could find another galaxy.

    I propose this for many reasons. Food is a basic survival need. What would people eat, or hunt to survive?

    Is there life out there sadly in my opinion I dont think is  how could there be?

    Good question. Thank you for post

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    Hi Linda xx

    sorry I just don’t understand your  point ? If there is a life form in a different galaxy what does what it would eat  become relevant ? How it survives or gets energy is surely a separate and mind boggling question. I doubt all ‘life forms ‘ need chicken, subways, veggies, and a chippy tea every Friday night ? !! 😁😂🤣 lol just pulling your leg xx, The further you delve the more mind blowing it becomes !!

    As far as ‘ Life out there ‘ on the boards goes….,

    I’ve had unexpected surgery,  major(ish) if not addressed but nothing mind blowing.

    Terrible patient, I’ve still got almost a week until my sick note runs out and I’m soooo  ready to get back to work !!

    Just crave nornality !!

    Well…. my normal anyway !!

    Must also say, although the Royal in Liverpool is dilapidated and still waiting to move into the new building, the specialised  units and standard of care was outstanding !! and TRUST ME I DO NOT SAY THAT LIGHTLY !!

    BIG UP for the ‘ workers’ in the ‘FABULOUS NHS !!!!!! ‘

    VERY PROUD 😊 👍🏼👏🏼🥇

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    • This reply was modified 9 months, 1 week ago by  mooosey88.
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    Oh moosey hope u feel better, sorry to read.

    Well when in High School we spoke such about earlier history and starting of time. It was

    When I went to College I had to take a history course again. Wish I could remember the Author had to read in which he proposed from History that the basic survival elements such as food, shelter, clothing, heat, were essential and eventually provided power and wealth for earlier civilizations.

    The Neanalthal would have survived if knew how to build a boat so they could of had more food access resources..even though resourceful for making tools with bones and such they did not have skills or ability to kill more bigger animals for food source and therefore stayed with small game in which eventually had shortage to feed themselves and families. Dying from malnutrient. Weather cold through elements not good builders for shelter. Could have travelled away to a warmer area.

    What I merely tried to point out with out these essential elements necessary for survival do these planets have what we need or capable for us to be able to survive their elements. Can we grow things, do we hunt and what, how is our shelter for protection provided. What if we get sick we call in local Doctor who has or obtained from a planet our needs to be better. All trying to say.

    And lord what will people do with out internet or google. Giggles.




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    P.s. feel better. X

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    Soz to hear you been unwell mooosey.Hope ya on the road to a full recovery.

    Look on the bright side thats free B&B with evening meal.

    Tc and hope ya better soon.

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    Hope you get better soon Moosey, sending you loads of hugs (unless it hurts to hug).

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    Hiiii Moosette! sorry to hear you’ve been unwell. If id have known I could have paid you a visit, brought you grapes and my special home made cupcakes. Remember, don’t let your mind bully your body! go back to work when your ready!!!.

    The staff at the royal are all amazing considering their surrounding at the moment. They will still be the same amazing staff once the new build is finished! I have missed your humour and rants on these boards HURRY BACK! XXXXX


    Thanks guys but I’m fine ta !! Discharged 3 days earlier than planned !! Me nag ?? As if lol. No I really am good and a cracking scar to show off to the lucky ones !! 😁

    Just been up in the loft getting winter quilts out , up and down the ladder so you see,  I really am fine !! 👍🏼

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    Sophs, did you know it’s been decided they now have to remove the cladding on the new build despite being told at first it was ok ? More money and time wasted. Such a shame


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