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    Rubbish she was lapping it up like n excited school girl over Justin Beiber.

    Maybe you don’t remember it right?  Alcohol does make people forget stuff.

    Anyway she could have changed her password after the first post was made, she chose not to.

    End of.




    Maybe she has changed her password, no postings lately ?

    Well didn’t see what either of you saw !!??? Lol. My interpretation was / is, Amassador flooded the boards with  stupid and childish posts , declaring his love for Janey, obviously to wind someone else up ! Janey didn’t start any threads nor post any pics, to me she was just playing along, trying to keep it light hearted. Don’t think she had a clue who Morg was or his reputation and I think she thought those warning her about him ( me included) as being over the top, he,d done her no wrong, he was being charming and funny with her so she gave him the benefit of the doubt and just played along. I certainly did not see him as reaching out for help or her offering it, to be his friend because he was in a bad place, nope didn’t see that at all,  Jamie you knew deep down that you needed help and support, he hasn’t got a clue ! He has no idea that his behaviour is unacceptable! He’s not bright enough to work it out and people who point it out are just boring [email protected] ( insult of choice )  I agree with the point you make about the target of his onslaught of ridiculous posts shouldn’t be to blame for his behavior, maybe she should have nipped it in the bud and not responded, hindsight is a wonderful thing, one thing is for sure I bet you a pound to a pinch of shit , if it hadn’t been janey it would have been someone else, his agenda was to rile “ someone” !!

    Maybe he is liking this ‘ attention’ but let’s face it he’s hardly the brightest tool in the box.

    So it just shows you how 3 people read the same boards and have 3 different interpretations  !!  Is there any wonder there are constant fallings out !!  :unsure:   :bye:


    Tried to voice my concerns i think they maybe falling on deaf ears here.

    lets just say i spent 2 weeks arguing with skep/mooosey/jam about the works of bonnie tyler.

    Then skeps pulled a fact out the bag and hit me for 6.

    What do i do?

    Hold my hands up say you got me skep or spend 2 weeks grooming someone like ann chantel for her log in details, then come on here saying nasty things about familys?

    What would you think of me?

    Im damaged goods? i target weaker? im sinster? i groom women for details? watch your bank details janey btw.

    I intend to do a thread later to some women in f2 on facts about this guy.


    Funny how since this has “kicked” off I am getting abuse in the room from a guest about the meet where I met Janey……….8 odd years later…..very interesting


    Milky, stop trying to be obscure then and tell the facts ??  Tried to warn about this guy months ago !! Fell on deaf ears !!

    You can lead a horse to water etc etc. the analogy about a startling fact is going way over my head sorry !!  Truth is there are very very rarely any actual FACTS. In this place , we can only base our opinions on what and who be believe to be true !  Far as I know you and Linda have met Scep. Have I any reason to disbelieve you ? Is there a good reason why I think you would benefit by lying about this ? Therefore , based on what I think I know about you and what I think I know about Scep it is my decision that he is indeed human and not a 7 headed, 12 armed alien from Men in Black 8 !! Facts are very few and far between !! One thing you have mentioned tho, Weemo explaining how and why this moron used her JC account may well help explain how it’s happened again !!  Don’t hold your breath tho !!

    :good: :bye:


    Im being obscure sorry moose.

    can only say as i see .

    Just out of intrest mooose have you ever spoken to morgs in f2?

    I see you described him as charming?

    Are you sure you have the right guy?

    You cant really mistake him.


    Most people from f2 dont post.

    And as far as i know not many people here who are posting have seen morgs work.

    Non stop death threats etc.

    I only wish they could.



    Hey milky xx. No. I’ve never spoken to him in f2, by all accounts your description is true however…. I didn’t say he was charming, I ssid he ‘ can ‘ be charming ( to some people anyway ) doubt he could charm me but I’m a cynic by nature. Most  scciopaths are very charming.  They  have to be to wheedle their way in first ..  xx

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    Loving the way “some” chatters portray Janey as this sweet innocent victim lol. Janey is far from naive if you know her justchat history.

    Lets look at the facts here

    Morg swept Janey off her feet on these boards.

    They then met in real life. There is a photo of them both doing the rounds where morg has his arm around Janey. That is enough proof in its self they must have met.

    There is no proof either way if Morg has hacked Janey or Janey gave him her password.

    My theory is they made this post together as a wind up to see the reaction what they thought and did get from it and in my eyes there was nothing wrong with this post.

    Where ever you both are Morg and janey I hope your relationship is on fire and life is being good to you.

    :yahoo: :yahoo:   :yahoo:

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    Yes Weemo is keeping a quiet council it seems.

    Cant imagine why.

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