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    A pic that weemo shared that Janey🤗 had sent her has been circulated. It’s clearly of both of them and they look like a very happy couple, the type you’d see in a Grimsby Tesco’s.

    Did she really say they weren’t together?


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    who says there together,she may have met him.Who bloody cares either,Onley thing i care about is it dosent look like janey posting,if its not her dose she know?Hope evry thing is ok with her.


    .I know that she rached out to someone

    I dont think rachel is involved unless she has turned lesbian

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    if its not her dose she know?

    Lets hope it’s a low dose of whatever drugs she’s on  :good:

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    U shaddent talc the mekky. Its varry sereass.





    No it’s not. It’s only serious to someone when it’s happening to them…………..



    No it’s not. It’s only serious to someone when it’s happening to them…………..


    What’s supposed to be ‘happening’ to her?

    She looked happy in the pic and they’ve been sharing her account.

    Do you think she is in danger?


    I have no idea what, if anything is ‘ happening ‘ to  Janey !!

    Your all quite lucky that my battery went after a very lengthy post, waffling on about pic’s and I cba typing it all out again, ( yes ok, stop cheering ) so briefly, why, when an unflattering pic of you, me, anyone, appears they have obviously been photo shopped, doctored  etc, yet when a pic turns up to do with someone you ( you as in anyone )have issues with ,  its absolute undeniable proof !!!! , all depending on which side of the fence you are sat on ??  To clarify ( a fave word, ,,, you may have noticed ) I warned Janey about the character Morg, both on boards and in pm (once), based purely on the impression I got reading his posts, plus some things mizzy had posted and while shes not everyone’s  cup of tea, why would she admit to allowing him to treat her the way he did? And this was before he started bombarding Janey

    Shit I waffled again sorry,

    so when is a pic proof and when is it not proof…

    how do we know she happily shared her JC account ? aren’t there examples of people typing from an account while the account holders are out or asleep or worse off for drink ?

    I hope shes fine and happy, once again… we’ll know when we know,,,.


    I do understand what you are saying.

    I don’t think the pic looks photo shopped personally.  I just thought it looked like a nice genuine one of two people who looked well suited.

    If anything had gone wrong I am 99.9% sure that Morg would be plastering Janeys details and pics all over JC by now like he does to anyone who rejects him.

    He would be in there thinking every number is her because he is paranoid and then he would abuse them.

    He spent most of yesterday banging on about how talked about he is then trolled a few people.  He appeared happy enough.

    If she had dumped him we would be seeing death threats and all her info and pics posted up.

    It is unlikely that he has murdered her, she may be possibly hiding out until the dust settles wishing she had listened to the warnings and not met a man who was a known abuser of women.  Maybe she feels like an idiot?  Or maybe he has ‘run her out of JC’ cos he thinks he’s a cowboy.  Alas if she has dumped him already he will be left being just a cowboy with no horse and a very small hand gun.

    I doubt she is tied up in the basement – his mother doesn’t have one.



    There is a picture doing the rounds ?? Where is this pic ? I’ve not seen it ? And I wouldn’t know Morg if I fell over him ?? There are some lovely pics on this very thread of that tropical spa hotel in Durham !! If Janey is happy for Morg to post as her and it’s all just a laugh why did she deny meeting him, in the room ? Why deny it if they’ve put out a romantic snap of them both ? Seems a bit pointless …

    like I said who knows…..

    Scep that, I believe is a cute looking Dragon, not a 7 headed alien, not scary at all !!!

    Not seen the picture either, didn’t even know about it until I read it here

    Interesting the people who have seen it and the people who haven’t seen it…nuff said

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