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    i wanna get out of this country
    i wanna emigrate
    i wanna be australian
    im gonna stow away in a crate
    ive had enough of the british isles
    never seeing sunshine or smiles
    now ive decided it wont be long
    fore i find myself a billabong
    bye bye britain
    im bound for australia
    so sad to see the mother country ended up being a failure
    yeh australias gonna be good for me
    i can be my own faith healer
    i wanna be called bruce,and one day marry a sheila
    im gonna get a job as president of rolf harris fan club
    i wanna live in the bush,and train a koala cub
    i wanna sing in sydney opera house
    fish in melbourne harbour
    shave the hair off black heads
    thats an abo barber(sorry i claim poetic licence}
    i wanna go to the outback,and ride a kangaroo
    i could train them all and open my own zoo
    then just sit in the sun and play with my didgeridoo
    i wanna go to a ballroom,and waltz with matilda
    instead of going to a disco and bopping with our hilda
    i wanna be called sport,and throw boomerangs all day
    and by going to oz thats the only way
    so i want to be australian
    i want to be a pommy
    australlia the great the only country for me.

    some of my poem has been censored by me
    for fear of censored by admin
    we dont like swearing do we :D


    not many aussies on i take it?



    Awww Come on over then :!:

    Australia is beautiful, I unfortunately am yet to see it all but Melbourne is a great place to live. Sydney is a little overrated imo nevertheless still a great diverse burst of culture.

    Well, let us know when you are here. :P


    Oh, this is what went through my head while typing the above post….


    :D xx


    mate, always plenty of room, i can even find you a blue manc bar, if you ever really get serious………….. of course its only on days when Liverpool dont play…… Sorry just back from the beach.


    LOL @ sharks with frickin lasers
    And stop lying theres gaint spiders all over the place.


    Here you go best…… two just for you…………


    lol nabby,hey great map chezzer lol

    ps wheres sassy?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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