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    I posted this song on some one’s post earlier and it’s so beautiful i thought i’d make a topic out of it……..if you have any words or advice for those in pain feel free to leave it here… It’s just the lyrics as i don’t even know what the song name is or who sung it but it’s a woman singing on a hardcore track and it is about the time after a serious break up or losing a loved one when you find it hard to cope when you keep looking round for hem but their not there any more……………….

    Can you see me looking at you through the glass?, It’s hard to tell…through the cracks. I thought i saw you walk away, don’t let our light fade away…………..

    Chorus : It’s like your worlds away, but you’r standing right in front of me,Don’t let us fade awayyyy….’cause i don’t want to be your memoryyyyy.



    I don’t know the song, sounds very nice though, I tried to find it.

    Advice for the broken hearted – remember they were part of your world – not your whole world.

    Throw their crap in the bin.

    Never cry over someone who isn’t crying over you.

    Get your own back if they’ve been unnecessarily cruel and spiteful.

    Pretend they’re dead.

    You can do better.


    ha ha…i have the song on an album i downloaded off you tube….when i got the time ill look harder for the title . Just realized( what a dang) i can upload the you tube reference here…ok ill do that later. It starts off with All of me (hardcore mix) by John Legend then goes into said track. I use this sort of music a lot on my bike and in the gym when i’m ‘pumping’ lol

    Good point though : part of your world, not your whole world.  Actually ,another tune that comes to mind is the track by Keith Urban..You’ll think of me…but that was for an earlier time and an earlier broken heart but ill post that track here later as well.


    Is it ‘What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted’?

    Jimmy Ruffin original in 1966.


    Great song.

    Been covered many times.

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    Awesome sceptical guy..thanks for sharing.


    Get your own back if they’ve been unnecessarily cruel and spiteful. 


    Not good at all – makes you as bad as them :negative:

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    Yes of course

    I don’t mind being bad lol hence my song that I posted on my getting over love music thread.  In case we need reminding lol

    Being a doormat doesn’t suit everyone.


    If you’re getting back at them, the relationship is obviously already over.

    That’s called ‘vengeance’, not being a doormat.

    You don’t seem to know much about relationships.


    and who are you blossom ? marjorie proops? hehe put your specs on and cut ur hair



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    Yes we are talking about relationships that are already over you donut – keep up love.


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