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    No it doesn’t mean you got four eyes…LMAO RATf………means you look ahead and can anticipate what could happen. Not in the sense of gambling where you place money on an outcome to hopefully procure a profit.

    One has to take a look at the big picture to be able to see what’s most likely to happen. The future has yet to be written…………..

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    I agree misterq, you are very deep and thoughtful.  I think you are often overlooked.

    Although we may not be able to predict the future I do believe that when we get to know someone quite well over a long period of time we can often predict their behaviours.

    If we can predict peoples behaviour then we can have foresight into how things are going to ‘pan’ out which can in fact change future outcomes for example if we can predict that someone is going enhance or negatively affect our futures that we can take steps to either encourage them to stick around and be in our lives or to eradicate them from our lives.

    Some people can bring out the best in you, some people can bring out the worst.  Even one single relationship can affect your state of mind and your actions/decisions which can affect your future.

    For myself personally I have been coerced into making quite bad decisions in the past by taking the wrong persons advice and it has affected the outcome of my ‘future’.

    I think if we can work out who is good and who is bad for us then we can ‘predict’ a better future for ourselves.

    Once you can do that, your future is not tainted by people who do not have your best interests OR your future is made all the better for the people that are positive and actually care about your wellbeing.  Some people can crap things up for you merely by distracting you with irrelevant rubbish.  Some people can make things wonderful by being positive and encouraging.

    Life is about learning and making mistakes.  It is also about realising that some people will drag you down and ruin what you have for their own selfish reasons.

    Every now and then we do meet a truly wonderful genuine person who will stick by us and be there expecting nothing back from us but mutual kindness.  We will make them feel better and make them laugh when they are down and they will do the same for us in return.

    Once we have found those people, our future can only be so much better than it would have been before.

    We may not be able to ‘predict’ our future but we can take steps to give a good outcome a fighting chance.

    Great thread thank you, very thought provoking x






    I agree misterq, you are very deep and thoughtful. I think you are often overlooked.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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