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    So the rumours are true that the boys in blue are about to arrest Mr fishy over their crimes and charge them

    My personal opinion is that a  prison cell would be way too good for him although a straight jacket along with a padded cell would certainly put an end to his life of law breaking hahaha




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    nearly called you tart then sorry tb but ive got in good authority fishy was arrested in a dawn raid at 5 am

    can you see him?

    languishing in a cell hope he learns to keep his gob shut,bit of 80 hours community service sweeping up shite  might help

    ,some people never learn.


    going on about mods on ukc,somebody told me on good authority that………..right ok does anybody remember anitagofradump? hilarious play on words that innit?

    i need to go for a dump

    so i didnt like him for that and hes liverpool fan but not from there here you  go get this yeh,he changed his user name to klopp your hands

    just outstandingly funny  hes worth losing a couple of ribs for………not anyway i dont know if its true or not but hes a mod on there.?

    if that is the case kloppy will know all about doas carry ons,antics etc

    just a thought like.




    no threads were hurt in this fred                       er


    I throught I’d take time to up date this  B-)

    They gave up on the browser block and now gagging me……errr there only one problem.

    If I don’t use the “Fred” name they cant spot me and can log in multiple times  :yahoo:

    So I leave the “Fred” name in the room, then chat on another  ;-)

    There other nite I long in 12 times and was the only one talking in the room  :wacko:



    afternoon folks I take it the little fish after all these years still can not workout why he’s the only one in the room chatting 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


    Ok. I’m not getting involved in just chat / uk chat politics. I’m a well known chatter on uk chat ( perhaps too well) but no actual harm was caused. I only joined this site because of a certain couple that tried trolling me.. I say a couple, was actually 3. The gruesome three some. The 3 that basically ruined this chat site with their vile trolling and constant dramas ( yes they do it other places too). Shows what little they really have in life day in day out “ oh who can I troll today”
    Perhaps one day the 3 of them will get comfort in their life’s, but I very much doubt it.

    Much love Cunny x


    little fish Is this psycho your mother  :unsure:


    No mum gets more c0ck  ;-)


    evening folks not only does little fish disrespect women it looks like he disrespects his own mother too  :unsure:

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 40 total)

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