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    Dear Ge,

    It appears you have some issues you want to share regarding some of my posts so I’ve taken the liberty of starting this new thread to give you an opportunity to air your grievances.

    Over to you.



    So, here we are Ge,

    To save your time I’ve copied your remarks in here to give us a decent start.

    SO…you (Ge)  said…

    “Whatever ID you lurk on Alfie, you are still trash.


    BTW masks don’t protect anyone from catching Covid. Idiot.

    Singing the praises of the war mongering career politican Biden… Singing the praises of so called democracy while mocking and belittling those who voted Trump. Now that is amusing.

    The same Biden who thought he was running as senater at the beginning of the  election campaign.

    The politician who authored 3 strikes and your out which has devasted black communities all over the USA and created a corporate driven mutil billion business which has incarcerated and criminalized million of young black men with many serving life sentences for petty crime.

    That Biden?

    What is even more humorous, despite the shit ideas he blurts out, he has absolutely no concept why people voted Trump in the first place, much like Brexit and UKIP in the UK.

    (Followed by…)

    Your infantile pish won’t work with me Alfie, never did, never can and never will.

    You are trash.



    Point 1. Who is Alfie? The only Alfie I know is the character played my Michael Caine in the film “Alfie” accompanied by a rather good song from Burt Bacharach.

    You may call me Cool.

    Point 2. Hmmm…were do I start. Ok. An easy one to begin. The Biden/Senator thing. (that’s Senator Ge, not SenatEr)

    Here’s the video of Biden – The whole piece, not just the editted bit that you were privvy to.

    If you don’t want to watch, here is the transcript of that part.

    You know, we have to come together. That’s why I’m running. I’m running as a proud Democrat for the Senate, when I had run as a proud Democrat for vice president, and I’m running as a proud Democrat for president. But I promise you this. I will govern as an American president. I’ll govern for everyone who voted for me, as well as against me. We can be better than what we’ve seen. We can be what we are at our best. The United States of America. So vote! Vote! Visit God bless you, and God bless the auto workers. God protect you. Thank you.”



    Comment Ge?







    So ladies and gentlemen, this was Ge’s reply


    Now the pot smoking loner wants me to play his endless ‘lets Google and cut and paste debate’ while he endlessly repeats lines he used a few years ago (word for word).

    Endless puerile ‘debates’ that never go anywhere. 1. because he has no indepth political knowledge and 2. he can’t lure me into his sociopathic world.

    Ignorant regarding American politics just as you are ignorant regarding British politics.

    Now run along you keyboard frankenstein and lure in some other naive soul to play your silly games.


    You are trash Alfie.



    Oh dear – sound’s like Ge’s got some real deep issues. But I think we’ve seen the last of that.


    Of course I was wrong, he’s still there muttering away in the shadows. Ge hasn’t really identified themself and I don’t recognise Ge as a JC regular so I’m guessing they are one of those disgruntled guest numbers who has taken the trouble to register and have a moan at me. Bless him/her/it. Does it cost money to register these days?




    Well, I think Ge finally evaporated from the scene. Pity, I was going to give him the “I hope your next turd is a hedgehog” line, but maybe that would have been cruel to hedgehogs.


    Strange, but i miss him (?) already.


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