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    Dear all,

    During my recent musings on the state of the American Election I attracted the attention of a member who called himself  ‘Ge’. I’m going to assume he was a ‘him’ because his language was so full of insult and invective that I would never wish to meet a lady who talks like that.

    Anyway, he came out with this line after I’d made a comment about wearing a mask. He said:

    BTW masks don’t protect anyone from catching Covid. Idiot.

    So that was his view on the wearing of masks. It at least did stir me into writing this post.

    Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first. His first sentence could have stood as his opinion and I would have brushed him off as another ‘ couldn’t give a damner’. However he decided to go the extra mile with the ‘idiot’ remark which made it personal. That disturbed me. You know, to the extent that it grinds in your gut so much that you’d want to beat him to a pile of pulp with a baseball bat and let the rats eat the remains.

    Nah….he’s another human being. He might be mis-informed, or lazy, or just looking for a fight and is not for real, or he believes that a mask really doesn’t do anything.

    So, just a reminder to people that masks don’t completely stop you from breathing in covid laden airborne droplets. But they do cut down the amount that you breathe OUT. Therefore, I choose to wear a mask to help the protection of others and that is what the overwhelming evidence of the science says. Covid is a global Public Health crisis which relies on actions that we do en-masse. One mask makes fuck-all difference, but if we all wear masks, it does make a hell of a difference. Conformance in a ‘free’ society might be a sticky subject for some people but in my opinion it’s a test of your humanity.

    And, for those who think they have a health issue in wearing a mask, I merely ask that you re-consider whether it really would kill (?) you but also remember the health workers who wear masks and more kit on 12 hour shifts and who are ready to save the lives of you and your families.

    Imagine doing that job eh…





    Alfie, but that’s not what you stated on the other thread is it. You thought, you cretin, that wearing a mask would stop your parents contracting Covid.


    BTW, you stick thin Skeletor, you won’t be bashing anybody.


    You are trash, Alfie.


    Masks help in doors to a degree and distances. However washing and cleaning are very important. Home and places stay sterilized from in and out door exposures. This very vital. I been so exposed to covid for so many months. Thank god not got yet. But getting ocdc from cleaning all the time. Lol. Now that new one. I have had none before. Lol


    Thanks for that important input Linda. Unfortunately the member that goes by the handle of Ge seems to be intent on behaving like a little child and making false accusations which detract from the valid information. It’s amusing though to see he is baited enough to make a contribution  :-) :-)   :-)

    My relevant words from another post were:

    ‘I’m shielding my wife and mother-in-law from the rest of the world. And we wear masks’.

    He made the comment above:

    ‘You thought, you cretin, that wearing a mask would stop your parents contracting Covid’.

    Maybe someone ought to give Ge some English lessons. The concept of words seems to challenge him.

    So Ge,  Let’s start at the beginning.

    Aa  Bb  Cc

    10 times please.



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