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    Dear Gerry,

    I was so encouraged by your attempts at arithmetic that I thought i’d highlight them for the whole of JC to admire particularly if you warranted a Gold star.

    You wrote:

    I have given this important dilemma some more thought and admittedly maths isn’t my strong point and in fact, I even failed my CSE in maths and so if there are any teachers or number crunchers in feel free to correct my thoughts on this.

    If the same 20 women use a chat site on a regular basis over a period of five years and 5 of them have been abused by a “serial gaslighting abuser” during that time frame then it isn’t .1% is it?

    It is 1 in 4 and therefore 25%.

    25% is a rather large figure compared to .1% isn’t it?

    Edit: The 20 figure was a generous guestimate just to stick to a nice round figure.


    However, after a couple of minutes of deliberation it seems my early hopes were dashed and your assertion that ‘maths isn’t your strong point’ is I’m afraid, sadly correct.

    Lets start from a basis of data as opposed to lucky guesses. The JC membership figures show there to be 5940 active members over a 5 year period (Your period choice, not mine)

    It would be easy to assume a 50/50 gender split but perhaps it’s more like 60/40 swayed to men. That means we have 2376 active female members over the last 5 years.

    Now, if we take the 5 that you’re suggesting you have abused, those pour 5 ladies make up 0.21% of the total.  (5/2376 x 100)

    Therefore LD’s assessment of 0.1% is far closer to the truth that your assessment of 25% – which in turn explains why LD is doing the job that they do and you are just a ….. ,,just a….erm…just a …………whatever.

    What you could do Gerry is to look at all the 5 year membership and assess if each member is male or female. Maybe that would help Martin get some big data for a more accurate male/female split and it would also help you with your counting. You must however return to your A B C’s when you have finished.

    Unfortunately no Gold star for you this time. Has mummy wiped your botty today?




    Your homework is late and you have a shitty nappy.

    No hope.

    No future.

    No point.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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