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    way of the telly luv

    her”who you talkin to you cheeky barstard”

    me ” im trying to watch this and all you do is point and pout thinking your lady muck or summat im not interested in your amateur  dramatics fck off”

    her ” ha says you the biggest waste of slob on earth you fat [email protected]

    me”oh just fckn do one”

    her ” no you first”







    ladies and gents i shall stop there

    but alas its true domestic violence has increased not sure of the figures doa might know,but its a lot

    couples who have been married for years ,now on lockdown or were

    didnt realise their own partners truly

    warts n all




    jeez i knew the tracy syndrome would catch up with me one day[well thats it then no rep

    lets replies no more threads from me

    lets see if  the next person who steps up to the plate can do any better

    i doubt it,not holding any breaths here


    but why should it be like this?

    obviously im tongue in cheek i know im no great shakes

    but to get no replies to a thread

    is demoralising,degrading and humiliating.

    so i dont blame anybody for not starting a thread

    listen any budding threadsters out there

    dont be deterred its not your threads that are at fault

    its the lethargy or the ineptness of other members who havent got the wit sense or wherewithal to respond


    bye for ever.


    You know I lube you babe   :rose:

    While men like ourselves look better with time and are adored by women 1/2 our age.   Women like Tracy just look like mutton dress as lamb. Even in rest homes men need drugging up before touching them.

    Just remember there few men around over 50 cos they have been nagged & worked  to death  :cry:

    And women have to take what they can get.   You stand more chance of being a” kept man” now. ;-)

    So don’t let Tracy put you down  :good:


    such a scary sensitive subject cosy .I feel sorry for women today as men have become a little harder and meaner with them as far as i have noticed .

    once a womans sexual marketability is finished so is she , women and grannys used to be cherished now they are seen as commodity that can be dumped after its use has been exhausted .

    say a prayer for all the women out there it seems to be a mans world at the moment cosy men can score in their 80 women well ……..u tell me :)


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    Interesting isn’t it Annie….as a woman gets older most older men want a younger model….but the younger man often wants an older woman…its often said the attraction is because younger women are too immature and that’s the pull for the older lady….and  younger men also think they know what older women want….my personal experience is they do not….we aren’t eternally grateful for a bit of attention…times have changed there is no taboo being on your own

    As for grannies…..I’m a granny….I think we are respected and we certainly don’t look like the traditional grannies of old with blue rinses and crimpolene dresses….we look after ourselves more…we are more active therefore benefitting the grandkids with activities rather than sitting indoors baking or reading a book….

    Since I have hit 50 I have taken up ice skating….learnt Mandarin….taken exams for a career change (if I so wish)

    I feel tired now typing all that I am going to have some Ovaltine and put my slippers on :whistle:

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    great post annie

    but i can assure you that grab a granny night is still thriving on a tuesday at styx night club










    er so my “friend “told me

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    Ok…. it seems a few people don’t really understand this subject  ;-)

    Let’s start with the older men dating younger women thingy.  Mostly its those with more money than sense and never really had to earn it.  Some never had children or were absent while they were growing up.  Boris Johnson a good example using nannies  & packing his kids off to a public boarding school at the first opportunity.   Its not my idea of parenting.

    Gregg Wallace is another good example.   Never had child until he was over 50 and married a women 1/2 his age.   Now he’s busy trying to look fit.

    On the other end of the scale there those living in social housing.  A life time of welfare payments and too much time on there hands. Again same theme…. absent parents & never worked for there money.

    These relationship’s never last too long.  After a few years the man moves on to the next bright young thing.

    The only lasting relationships I can think of are ones that don’t involve children. Paul Daniels & Debbie McGee springs to mind.

    Older women and younger men?  Its hard to find an example of a woman over 50 having a child with a man under 30.   From Barbara Windsor to Kylie Minogue who both dated  far younger men…. there never any children involved.

    Older women like younger men for a simple reason:  control.   A women over 50 made her money, paid for her home and can end the relationship at any time.

    But why are young chasing these coffin dodgers?  A simple answer is security.   Being with a person who seems to have  it all  and made all the right moves in life is very reassuring.  Stability can be alluring.   The sad thing is its only a mirage.

    While I can think of a few men who married older women and stay with them for years the relationships always turn toxic.  Both feel insecure and accusation of cheating are common.

    With younger women its the same.  While baby’s trap men and rings trap women  as they used to say, having a baby with an older an man leads to insecure too.   Its only a matter of time before the man leaves and the smart ones know it…… the dumb ones don’t.

    Personally I just pity anyone in a relationships with such a large age gap.  Dead end toxic pointless relationships were common in our teens & 20’s….we all had them.   Most of us learned from them…… but it seems a few haven’t and continue into there old age. :wacko:















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