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    Hi Martin. Welcome to the boards… have seen you in the room.. You were doing just fine when I saw you there.

    Oh and , I don’t look my age either.. and I AM 90, although I feel 94 :- :lol:


    hi martin

    bites fingers





    looks like a nice area that martin
    is that your house in the background?
    when was this picture taken?
    I noticed theres no leaves on the tree behind you
    the big conifer has farther back,but that’s an evergreen
    looks like a nice day tho,wherabouts do you live?


    Hi Martin,

    Looking good, nice colourful socks you have there :wink:

    Oh…so this is another real one, apparently (as in person :o )


    Welcome fella.

    There’s a bit of the dashing man about town about you, so heed my warning: the gals on here are insatiable and many a man has left with his tail between his legs, remarking that it’s better to discuss footy in the snug and familiar environs of the local pub with other males who can’t handle a feisty lass.

    Hope you have as much fun as I do.


    where do you go shopping martin primark?
    I could do with a pair of socks like that

    plus those shorts on the right as I look,is that a crease or are you just pleased to see us?




    £15 for a pair of socks martin wow keep me out
    I pay 2q for five
    as re to people putting pics on in here
    I think most of us have
    apart from the shy and the ugly ones
    so respect martin wd man
    hope to see a few interesting threads of you :P

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 76 total)

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