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    I hope those of you who have been kind and friendly will have a long life and complete happiness.

    I’m sure it will be of no surprise to you that i have found the abuse in F3 unacceptable, grown men and women behaving like spoilt brats of children, who live such sad little lives that they need to make themselves feel good by insulting others.

    I am NOT that kind of person, i have never been anything less than honest with anyone i have spoken to, replied to questions as well as i could, and yet, the abuse is horrendous, so i have made the decision to leave chat. it was only when Alfie said no one forces you to come here that i realised he was right of course, and no one does.
    Being a widow gets a little lonely at times, sad but true, and no matter how much money status hobbies or anything else one has, human interaction is the best way to quell that lonliness.
    some of you i have been proud to know, i love you dearly, others………. well needless to say i won’t put my views here, but it is with great sadness that i leave, its just a shame that more cannot be done to stop this illegal cyber bullying.

    i wish you all well, and i really do hope that some day those that bully realise that they don’t have friends because of their attitude,

    Much love and Blessings to you all

    Laine x


    I am very sorry to hear that Laine. Chat did not work out for me either and I guess there are lots of reasons for that.

    You are doing the right thing and I wish you all the best in the future.

    Martin 44


    Thank you Martin, that is very kind of you, it is just sad more people like you arent part of chat then people like me wouldnt feel the need to leave what could be quite a fun place x


    Chat is what you make it …. sorry …. but that is fact.

    There is an iggy button.

    We can’t all get on , and like the same people …. I think I have said in a post somewhere else on the boards ….. There is good and bad ……. choose the ones you like , and just ignore the others. Yes I know it isn’t easy … but that is how it works..

    I am just pleased I have not been in the room today ….no doubt I would have got the finger pointed at me for you leaving Laine ……….. Therein lies another problem that some still haven’t realised …. make you own mind up about people , and don’t listen to what others say …….. I know who I like , and I know who I don’t like …. On saying that, it has taken me some time …. We all get abuse at some point in the room ….. it is up to the person getting the abuse how to handle it.. have your say , then iggy …….. or let them get to you , and leave …..

    I could go on …….. but I see no point ……. said it all before , and I will be the one to get the blame so ….. :roll:


    Just to say my problem with chat rooms is different. My ambition was to make lifelong friends but they always seem to disappear and it never lasts. I must be a really boring person or weird or something. But I remember how good people where to me when I had to have an MRI scan, without their words I would have chickened out. And chatters did help me enjoy my birthday on the 1st of July 2013. :wink:


    the thing about chat is……….all the time we want/need it in our lives we use it……….when we don’t we move on


    Hi Laine, l for one will be sorry to see you leave not known you for long but l have found you to be very pleasant and open about things that have happened in your life . Do hope that maybe one day you will be back to jc, if not the bullies have won

    Take care and all the best xx


    Its bollocks and you’re better off out of it


    @trapper wrote:

    Its bollocks and you’re better off out of it

    Wish you’d stop skirting round issues and get straight to the point :D


    Firstly……… Annette, i get on well with you, i have no problem with you, except for the incident with my photo which i may have taken the wrong way (as you must know syntax is one of the hardest forms of communication). i got past it, but somehow your “chat friends” decided that we were enemies, and one in particular wouldn’t or couldn’t stop with snide remarks. if you remember i even invited you out for lunch ? offer still stands.

    a little about me…….. yes i have been open in the room about myself, there is nothing i have said that i wouldnt tell a stranger, so no one can hold any skeleton over me and give me something to reproach myself for, i don’t do behind the scenes gossiping or nastiness, it just isnt me.
    my back was broken in 93, at the hands of a psychopath (my ex) i had to be resuscitated and was told i would never walk again, i proved them wrong with hard work. i divorced, walked away with nothing but my pride and started my life again. but! because of spinal cord damage i have a neurological disease called Adhesive Arachnoiditis, which behaves similarly to M.S.
    Stress is a damning factor, too much stress and it flares up, and trust me it is pain that you would never believe or want to experience. i cope, imagine forever walking like you can feel broken glass in your feet, or that you have broken a bone and thats the type of pain i experience on a daily basis, so i tend to stay clear of stress. im proud of myself, ive coped with a hell of a lot, and put downs when theyre not meant in fun hurt! ive been abused all my life and certainly won’t accept it from strangers who neither know the effects of abuse or the pain it causes, lucky them!
    im also proud that i can sail, paint, and play golf something i really should never have been able to do again, yes im fit, but the pain remains it will never go, and recently i was told that one day i may wake up completely paralysed from the waist down. so im making the most of what time i have. and i like to do it in a friendly way.
    The likes of Joker (who isnt one) that feels the need to do what he does is no better than my ex husband. a cynical psychopath who feeds on hurting people, i wish him well, he must be a very lonely man and will probably stay that way

    Who knows, maybe at some stage i will pop in and say hello, but for now i need to relax, get rid of the stress, and regroup my health.

    i dont have skeletons in my cupboards, i dont hurt people, i dont abuse people, im just a nice ordinary middle aged woman. in the “real world” i am very much liked, you may say why use chat? i used chat because in the lonely times its company, i dont have people around me all day, people in my life also have lives separate from my own.

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