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    Mikie female has asked me to post for her to say to you tintin that she is thinking of you and that snugzzz will be greatly missed.


    Cherry has asked me to post this for her ,

    thinking of you at this time , snugzzz was a special lady to many and will be missed by all xx
    take care and be strong xx


    I have just been goin through all your messages. Thank you all so very much for your messages and kind words for what is a travesty of the highest order. It was and still is I that is seriously ill, so why did Gail have to go, she was the very thing for which insanity and weakness couldn’t get to me, Gail was my tower so how can so strong a woman, both in character and will, be taken from me, us, so quickly and so cruelly. I simply cannot accept this has happened, I’ve hidden it somewhere where hopefully it can’t get me. I know I have friends here whom will help and support me should I wish and for that I thank you all, I know Gail too is with me in every breath I take and I know too she has also read these messages and seen just how much she really was loved, and cherished.


    although I didn’t know snugzzz my heart goes out to you tin, you only have to read the messages on here to see what a lovely woman she was, stay strong tin and make her proud ♥ RIP snugzzz ♥ xxxxxx


    Tinny im soo sorry for your loss, may you take comfort in knowing an angel is watching over you xxx

    Big hugs Daisy, Eyes of Fire and Troubs xxx



    tinny m8 sorry to hear your news propa speechless
    nite nite snuggs xxxxx


    So sorry that Snugzzy has left us. I lit a candle for her when i found out. Stay strong, tins.
    hugs, crys xxx



    I really don’t know what to say…………….smile while you think of her.

    HUGZZZ xxx


    Tinny, i was and still am shocked to hear of Gails (snugzzzz) passing, my thoughts and prayers are with you, she was a lovely lady who was always friendly to me. Take comfort in the fact that she is at peace and with the angels and that you were blessed to have found each other. We are always there for you Tinny remember that, stay strong lovely man xxx


    Such sad news.
    My deepest sympathies Tin mate.
    Alas you and I don’t get much time to talk these days, but we had some great laughs in our day huh?
    Great memories.. That will always last.. Just as the positive influence and impression dear Snugzzz had on so many here will.
    An extremely warm and engaging lady who always greeted me with a smile.
    That smile is eternal now.
    May God be good to her.


Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 30 total)

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