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    vertically challenged people are rejoicing  everyhere as m&s has renamed midget gems as mini gems,oh i dunno yeh ok  even ppl on here will be delighted l ike weeemo etc,but my personal opinion is its pc mental

    what do you think?

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    I have  jar of black jacks in the kitchen  😊 Love all those chewy sweets fruit salad and refresher bars .





    look ros im no racist but things  are getting a bit pc for me



    dunno if this is censored i try anyway,,,,,do you mean golliwogs?



    used to be a jam jar firm,robinsons you used a golly on their label


    Black jacks are sweets that were around when i was a kid and u can still buy them in them in tescos .I used to like the robinsons golly on the marmalade jars .Happy times no feelings hurt




    All im saying is if they are going after midget gems in case it offends dwarfs im sure they will go after black jacks next and maybe jelly babies will offend someone too .It has gone mad if anyone thinks sweet names are meant to be offensive



    see a guy bashing bits of a statue had police standing by for 2 hours .. his companion talking on phone about saying statue has to come down as guy it was modelled don was a phedophile ? following along from  jury  decision not guilty  about the other statue pulled down .rolled into harbour water etc .seems no laws now if something is not “PC’ correct you can do what you want and law will sit back and watch you.  strange world now. In my days ( yes is am old) you would get a petition up and try and sort out having it removed . I think we used to call it democracy.. but we no longer live in one it seems. :negative:


    do you think they might kick off about black puddings next,they are a local delicacy in lancashire with bury market being the capital,talking about markets i think a few people know in here i  was a marketeer,and not a bad one,gottta earn a crust antca?so yanno its a work place to us,and you get to know the other  stall holders,bit of chit chat as youre “setting up” “hows the kids blahdebleeingblah”.and then its 9 oclock down to business get in,oh sorry just digressed a bit there i was on about derek he actually had a black pudding stall and punters used to order a bp they got it on a paper plate plastic fork and mustard and just stand there and  chat with derek or fellow bp eaters,anyway he got shut down,not cos he did anything wrong it was b,s,e reasons,so i dont think he could face another ban,itll do his head in









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