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    Hanging by a very shabby thread Boris!

    ONE seat stands between you and a new government, Boris you total nazi tvvat! HAHAHAHA😂

    Boris is about to make history for the shortest reign in British politics.

    LIB DEM resurgence lol, who would have thought it?! OMFG.   LOLOLOLOL in the last 2 general elections the LIB DEMS would struggle to fill a mini bus with their MPS lol. Last night the Lib Dems made an increase of 14.4 percent in the Brecon and Radnoshhire by-election!

    NOW! jees! We are looking at the LIB Dems maybe even getting more votes in the next General Election than the Cons, and Corbs Labour!

    More Seats? :unsure:

    LIB DEMS have made their massive political comeback Corb you arrogant t1t, on ONE ticket, @ REMAIN!

    Despite the barefaced lies of the Cons AND Corb for the past almost FOUR yrs, there IS a massive call out there to remain in the EU, and more and more people backing it. Had Corb run with the Remain campaign properly from the start, we may not be here at all @ Brexit lies “winning” by that paltry 4 percent.  A result won with a CRIMINAL overspend of almost 3/4 of a million pound.  The stench of bananas in the air is toxic.

    Had Corb run with fighting that stupid nul and void result, (won on a criminal overpsend), for the past almost FOUR yrs, then Corb too could be seeing the support the LIB DEMS are now getting, in real meaningful elections.

    Corb you are a d1ck.  Whilst you sit and whine that you are not anti Jewish          (yeah sure matey), and try to baffle your much smarter Remain voters with your hokey cokey of a Brexit approach (in, out, in out, shake all this shit about), the LIB DEMs have stolen the brighter Labour supporting peeps.

    What you are left with Corb are a handful of far right retards in your fast shrinking heartlands @ Wigan etc.  People so loyal to the Labour cause that they would jump ship to the Brexit party tomorrow, quicker than Farage can promise to start shooting migrants!

    Well done Corb!   I watched a TV show last night @ where did it go wrong for the Tory party? Many top Tory MPs of past and present, now believe the tory party is facing its demise.  Corb when you will acknowledge that under you fkd up leadership Labour is in the next sinking lifeboat along from Boris?

    It is not too late for Labour, they can do it today.  All you need to do Corb is come on the news at noon and say ” LABOUR WILL CAMPAIGN FOR, AND BACK REMAIN IN THE UPCOMING GERNERAL ELECTION!”.  There sorted!  Labour will then pick up the many many Remainers, like those who voted LIB DEM last night.

    As much as I despise the vote splitting lying bstard LIB DEMS, they are kicking the áss of the Cons AND Labour right now.

    In sensible sleepy Britain, that YES Corb and YES Boris DID fight Hitler AND win, there are wimmins in aprons making jam and calmy being all middle Englandish, who will NEVER cave in to extremist politics, on the left or the right.

    Praise be for the oh sensible jam making Wimmins Institute-esque middle England British voter lol.

    Oh yes btw Boris in Britain today more wimmins vote than men.  And you can fill your shabby nazi cabinet with as many not so Pretty Patel right wing loons as you like, but the middle England wimmins of Britain will see right through them come a general election, and go with the Lib Dems.

    LMAO! :good:

    GO REMAIN!!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:



    Boris has already made history last night lol the fastest PM to lose a seat lmao!

    Way to go Boris u lying nazi shite. :yahoo:

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    Badder, you’re like Rude Norfolk (though you couldn’t be as crude?) You make me feel guilty for laughing.


    I agree with most of this, badder :good: but don’t agree that Corbyn is anti-semitic, or that the Brexishytes are retards :negative: . Duped, yes, but not retards.

    If I were Boris, I would be pretty worried now.

    John Curtice, the most respected of political analysts, told the BBC that “In an early general election, at the moment at least, the Conservatives would be at risk of losing”.

    That puts Fat Boris of the Bullingdon in a terrible bind.

    His only chance of leaving on 31st October is to strike a deal with the EU on the Irish backstop.

    This isn’t impossible. The Irish, frightened of the economic shock of no-deal (a shock to teh world economy), are ready to make concessions, apparently, but aren’t saying what until they see what fat Boris says about policy.

    If the concessions are enough, the UK will leave with a deal on 31st October.

    But they don’t think that the concessions will be enough. Leo Varadkar, the Irish PM (why can’t he be called Murphy like the rest of them, was fat Boris’s friendly comment), is riding high in the polls with the Irish people because of his tough anti-Brit stance. If he gives too much away, he’ll lose ground to the more anti-Brit opposition (Fianna Faíl).


    So  a very, very narrow chance for Fat Boris. No wonder he was locked in a room for a long time with the William III No Surrender homophobes in Belfast yesterday. He needs them desperately if he accepts the Irish concessions should they be made.



    I wouldn’t describe Badder as the female Rudeboy, Rudboy is far more intelligent. Rude wouldn’t have spent the last 3 years spamming in room 2 “CORBYN4PM” and then write that simplistic rubbish.


    We all know who Badder is the female version of and that’s the troll who has just spent 2 years typing 17.4 million people are racist-xenophobic-uneducated morons.




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    • This reply was modified 1 year, 5 months ago by  Ge.

    The usual lack of subtlety and intelligence. You wouldn’t know a troll if you were looking in the mirror.

    At least, the sexual abuse and obscenities aren’t there (for the moment), so thank God for small mercies

    I’ve just attacked the idea that all Brexishytes are retards. I really don’t believe that most people who voted Leave are racists or xenophobes, but some are.




    Just read his last 10 posts prior to this thread and the other one he has just written and the abuse contained within them aimed towards me personally.



    Look everyone Scorpian is spamming foul abuse at everyone (and it is foul abuse) but when it’s one of their own doing it, making up spurious and false allegations tabout other chatters not ONEthem pipes up.


    Of course he will patronize Badder, she is one of his own.






    I’ve just attacked the idea that all Brexishytes are retards.

    You spent TWO years after the referendum saying exactly that.


    While people are looking over at Echo and Scorpian they really should be looking at you.


    But what would I know, although I warned people privately all about the current issues on the boards.





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    Yes, Ge. Whatever you  say, Ge.

    Can you find one single post where I said that the Brexishyte voters are all racist retards?? Some are racist, for sure.

    as for me insulting you, can you find one post where I said that you were an anti-semite?

    You can’t on either count, can you?/ You would repost them if you could, but you can’t fid any because they’re not there.

    Bur poor man being insulted, hey?

    You litter your lines with sly shite to wind people up and provoke a negative reaction so that you can get on your high horse and preach from your lofty pulpit. I am NOT the only person who thinks this old fella. Do stick your board games up your scrawny old arse and battle for the top dog position that you have spent the past decade jostling for (well before I came on the boards).

    You’re a fucking troll, you always were a troll and you’ll always be a troll no matter what “sophisticated” language you use and the “panache” in which you present it and no matter what smoke other chatters blow up your scrawny old, you’d be against him. You don’t have any principles.You’re no better than the other two fools. Fake socialist. Fake anti-racist. Egoist.



    The current deal won’t be accepted by any one

    not much chance of a new deal in the time frame

    boris won’t ask for an extension and the eu prob wouldn’t offer one

    end result is the inevitable

    no deal 😊



    Those of us who have a memory that isn’t selective are well aware of the spurious and STUPID allegations you made against Brexiters in general and me personally (and other chatters). The Trump thread being a prime example.



    This “Scorpian” has been lurking among you all for years.


    And as soon as Joker moved on he moved into Jokers shoes hiding behind his disguise “I only care about politics you stupid uneducated racist xenophobic people”.







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