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    Merry Christmas and the happiest of new year,from the bottom of my heart form my home to yours only may the very best come true xoxo love to all 🎄


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    wish peace on earth to all ❤️


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    xmas is banned!

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    Happy holidays to you too Linda (and all). Hmm a wish list! Good health & happiness to all. My Christmas is going to involve a lot of live darts & football and lazing about, starting from today I am not working until 2018 :good:

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    Haaaaa hugs………

    I told those in rooms a naughty list would be funny.

    This is not a troll list that I just tossed out of my head sadly. This is a Naughty list. As said before those hurting other people more making them disgusted in which leave rooms, defend, openly say retarded, tired, stupid and iggy..

    Those naughty should be exposed….since our guides at jc limited, over worked and deserve a holiday break as well, naughty list is a helpful list for Santa. Haaaaaa

    As for what I do professionally multi task as well. I have never made those protect, serve, help or care for, walk away in frustration. Feel low, depressed and hurt. Need to find additional support by using substances to make them deal with reality.. hugs so don’t make a judgement on my services, opinion ok. When u put yourself in my shoes and many many others like me in our field, u let me know if our qualifications and training suit u. Until u know what all of us do your ideas are ummm, well need some knowledge and research.

    Here comes Santa Klaus, here comes Santa Klaus right down his lane. ……..ho no ho.


    Well King glad to see u return.

    Your last posts were sad and made me worry for your welfare.

    Nice to see u back..And ur comments.

    Happy Holidays, and good karma for New Year. Heee……


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    You’re a kind person Linda, thank you… I do love Americans :) x I think I was a little down last time on because those dates remind me of things, never a easy time, and when mixed with alcohol I get myself down, all good though, you guys are brilliant, thank you.  Love to all,  :rose:

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