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    Ha Ha  Sassey, what you wish normally comes full circle. Best to you as wellxx :good:


    Love you q ❤️



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    You know happy is happy, but you can wish people the best and they just don’t know what to do with it! Maybe some have relationships on the site, but most are just here to be friends. We all like to tease and have fun so why all be a stick in the mud. Relax and just take it in and enjoy the laughter, no need to be rude, just be nice and treat people like you would want to be treated! Life is hard enough already. If you feel like friends then be real friends, not this bs crap. This is all an online thing, I know it feels very personable but get real. Caring online is the easy part, in real life it gets a little more involved. I always thought it was cool to be interactive and have fun without guilt, without shame, to be innit for the long hall and be there to really share our lives. To spread the love for real, not hurt people’s emotions or character. :heart:


    I am leaving soon too xx

    take care honey xx

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    but my reasons are different to yours,

    I’m just so bored of the same old crap, same trolls, same pms same rubbish and its all either bitching trolling or someone foreign wanting to learn English.

    after 2 years the fun has gone.

    take care darling xx


    I understand that., Sarah, am feeling that way more and more myself.

    Partly the ageism is getting to me; and partly the gap between me and others seems to be too great.

    But there are some people who are interesting here, and some good people too.

    So I hope you stay, and understand if you don’t x

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    I hear you, love to you xxx

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