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    Sir Keir Starmer.


    How on earth did he earn that gong?

    A centre-right liberal wet dream and oh so so so “forensic”.  As establishment as establishment gets. Even more Blair, than Blair.

    A member of the capitalist elite and invitation-only group Trilateral Commission which was founded by the arch-capitalist and billionaire powerhouse David Rockefeller. Read up on it and past and present members.

    As head of the CPS hung out to dry the whistleblower and journalist Julian Assange, whilst squealing for war criminals like Alistair Campbell to be welcomed back to the labour party and despite Campbell deliberately and brazenly breaking party rules.

    Suppressed evidence against environmental and anticapitalist activists which led to false convictions.

    Refused to press charges against Jimmy Saville despite decades of allegations including and importantly during his watch as head of the CPS and for which he later apologized for.

    Stated victims of northern mill town grooming gangs were NOT credible witnesses allowing the abuse to continue for FIVE more years.

    Changed the guidelines on charging that resulted in a drastic drop in referrals of rape and sexual assault from local police to the CPS.

    Refused to prosecute an MI5 officer involved in torture,  an MI6 officer who rendered family to Libya, the police who killed Charles de Menezes and the police who killed Ian Tomlinson.

    All while blowing his trumpet that he had introduced up to TEN-year jail sentences for benefit fraudsters.

    Plotted against Corbyn for four years. Was the main architect who changed labour policy on Brexit, the previous policy which so nearly got labour into power in 2017 and a mere 2,000 more votes would have put labour in power with a minority government.

    Refused to disclose his donors in the leadership contest and only registered them weeks later, deliberately staggered, so that it was too late for them to be published prior to the contest.

    When asked if people should return to work in unsafe workplaces (the low paid) and risk being infected, replied: “i’ll have to look at it”.

    Changed labour policy regarding renters (rent holiday)whilst supporting bailouts to the likes of that silly blonde bloke with the Perma tan. No not Boris. The billionaire Branson.

    The so so so “forensic” Sir Starmer should be nailing this tory government to the cross for their handling of the Corona crisis but instead is in cahoots with them and in fact, Boris is probably more to the left than he is.


    The list is endless.


    A wank of a man, a zionist pawn and his “centrist” supporters deserve every last drop of hubris that is coming their way.


    Don’t say you weren’t warned.












    This guys going to need a better legal team than O j Simpson if all thee above file lawsuits for libel.

    My personal opinion is that because of the powerful positions these above mentioned people hold that he will be the next Lady Diana.


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