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    I wonder if anyone else finds it really difficult to criticise a poet (or a painter or a musician). I admire anyone who can do anything artistic but that’s maybe because I haven’t got an artistic bone in my body. I do cringe sometimes at some of the stuff we see here. If it was just ‘words’, I wouldn’t think twice about picking up on spelling/grammar/beliefs/opinions but when it is put into a poem or a song I shy away in case I am hurting an ‘artist’ and they top themselves. I can’t make constructive comment because I don’t know what i am talking about – I can either take the p iss or sit and squirm and I am loathe to take the p iss out of artists. Is there no middle ground? Can I just say ‘I didn’t like that’ without hurting someone? Is expression through poetry any different from what i try to do – expression through humour: sometimes it works and sometimes I look a complete tit. I would expect people to tell me if I have made a tit of myself though and try to avoid similar mistakes – is this the same with you poets?


    i would rather someone be completely honest and say what they thought rather than tell me they really liked my work just to be nice. if no one criticises your work you dont know where you are going wrong. if you cant take criticism then you shouldnt allow your work to be published or seen. i am lucky i think my work is crap anyway so any postive comments are a bonus :lol:


    yeah difficult tho – criticise in public or in private. If you bear your soul (if that’s what poets do) who am I to comment?


    i think poetry still has to be asthetically appealing, some poetry can be almost as bad as listening to fingernails on a chalkboard. just makes you wish youd never started to read it. i think you can criticise someone honestly and still be tactful about it. there is a difference to being constructive and personally attacking someones work i think.


    hmm that’s maybe where I could improve :)


    well feel free to say what you like about my stuff, i promise i wont go and stick my head into a vat of acid. :wink: :lol:


    James a poet would expect some critics , they would not assume everybody would appreciate or understand their thoughts , sometimes it is good for the poet to look at it and explain what they are trying to say if that is a question-William :)


    yeah sort of william, I criticised one once (maybe too much sarcasm I admit) and got dogs abuse – scared me off for oh er almost a day :)


    Good point James, I had the same problem the other day. Had mixed images and meaning to a poem, and ask if the person elaborate on what made them create it.

    Now i get great pleasure out of the Arts. Imagines, song and poetry there have a intriguing attraction to me as a painting can paint many images a few words place together with meter can be a lot more powerful than a lengthy speech or post. Maybe its because they are created on the part of the brain we call the subconscious, i like to call the creative side.

    If people post poems or art on here, your open to discuss about it. If the emotions are so deep you dont want to discuss … well just say .. dont want to discuss it.

    I look at poems as i do art, if theres a brighter funnier side to it i usual end up there and sometimes that isn’t what the creator wanted to project.

    You just cant please all the people all the time ;-) when it comes to arty farty stuff. :lol:



    Just say what you feel, if you can read, then you have every right to criticise, and most people will listen and try to improve the next one, or even take the old one away and smarten it up.

    All comments good or bad, has shown the poet/author that you took time out to read it, which is always appreciated. :D

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