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    How much is “too much” time on chat?
    How much is “too much” time on social media?
    Do you spend “too much” time in chat?
    Is it unhealthy for you?

    Chat is a media we use to be social so must therefore be considered a form of “social media”

    Researchers are investigating whether social media addiction constitutes a mental disorder.

    Describing yourself as ‘a social media addict’ doesn’t usually inspire concern from other people. In fact, it’s frequently included in bio descriptions on Twitter and Instagram. Decorate your LinkedIn profile with such a claim and you may even find yourself receiving interest from media and publishing companies searching for a savvy digital native. But imagine if, one day, it’s not an accolade or joke at all – but a psychiatrist’s diagnosis? A growing body of research is seriously considering whether problematic and excessive social media usage could be pathological and, in turn, designated as a mental health disorder.

    Watch the video.


    How much is “too much” time on chat?

    I would say 2 hours a day is more than enough.

    Is your social media usage problematic and excessive ?


    That is a hard answer to define as there are many factors to consider and every one is different. T.V is often classed as a waste of time and many can spend 5 hours a day or more watching that. One has to ask one’s self though….if one has 10 hours a day to spend on media then surely other things will get neglected and there is much debate on the psychological impact and even the physical impact of too much time on the screen in general. I got a problem with my computer at the moment…it keeps singing…Rolling In The deep….well it is a Dell…LOL

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    Its funny you should raise this topic Morgan as it was only yesterday I was researching chatroom addiction.

    I am such a bad sleeper often only getting a couple or hours or so and I’ve tried reading, watching Netflix, frigging myself to death, self hypnosis, music and eating but nothing really seems to work so I am often in JC through boredom and feeling the need for social interaction.

    Something makes us all, for whatever reason keep coming back.  I think I am not the only one here with ‘mental health issues’ so in that regard maybe it helps me and others being around others who are also a few sandwiches short of a picnic.




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    frigging myself to death ???

    Sairs your not doing it right lol

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    it depends why u use a chat room i use it as a tempory distraction from offline, others would use it as they like to use it, yes i like talking to people but it was never ment to be a long term thing for me, but here i am since 2015 say about august, well this and other chat rooms i have used since that date, god maybe i should be a mod/guide the amount of times i have used chat rooms lol.

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    it seems to be – Internet addiction disorder – obv it is a element of that disorder, *adds it to his list* :mail:

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    A plethora of guests teamed up with 2 regular nicknames via VPN  with multiple personalities can easily rack in 28hours a day with the occasional breaks to go shop, toilet, sign on etc. This is on an hour 8 hour shift.

    Seriously, like any addiction if your suffering then its time to do something better or worse or combine them.

    I like smoking , drinking, chatting bollx, arguing, guest number swapping,  peeking , poking,   charming, vomiting all in  the first 5mins of chat room blast off.

    Then I go wondering why my feet smell like herring.

    Then I realise why this website is so clever. One of the more annoying adverts. I have resubmitted it because I think I think demonstrates a lot about the Class A links on JC.





    Now forgive me that sounds like a brothel that takes cash with shy men only.

    Its called Romance Tale!!!

    Even worse the “girl” is drawn badly like a sort of crap doll with a finger for a neck.


    I think I spent too much time thinking on  this forum.






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    hmm a finger for a neck what drug are u having?

    it sounded as odd as the client jamie – he was saying something like julius caesar will or has nuk/ed them, and he said can he get back up to his spaceship, he cud of been drug induced psychosis again

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