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    Roz asked me this question last night.

    First fear of the sea is good, basically it wants you dead. Always use beaches with lifeguards and never go too far out.  

    Take a free water safety course too.

    FREE Water Safety Online Course

    Now onto the fun stuff  :yahoo:

    Its really hard to swim in the sea, tides, waves,immigrants floating in on blow up sex dolls  :yes:

    Why bovver? I’m more into bobing around and bodyboard surfing  :yahoo:

    How do I stay afloat now I’ve lost all me bubber you ask? Well thats easy I’ve got a cheap wet suit.  Wet suits give you a ton of buoyancy and keep you warm.

    Here is mine

    After May I never wear it, love the feel of the sun too much.

    Overall, I’d say stay within your comfort zone on the beach. Most of the people I see only go up to there wastes.  Remmeber you’re there to have fun, not swim the channel  :bye:


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    yes water is very dangerous and powerful one wrong move and you are toast



    Its not that bad Roz  :whistle:

    You need to treat the sea with repect. Overconfident kills :yes:



    Babysitting and life guard my first jobs in my youth.

    You can be an excellent swimmer and stll be caught under tides and turbulances.

    Over confident term is a crock. You need to think and use your wits and always keep your head above water. Fear yes can take control. Doggie paddle and keep legs moving. Swim to a smooth area if can get control

    Best way to learn is initial baby steps.


    Classes on line may give you some knowledge. Test you may score great. But do nothing for real deal


    I was asked why I carry hand held vhf radio on my kayak and not a phone.

    Its all about money !!!

    Replacing my phone would take a week. I’ve not looked at phone prices lately …..maybe £500+?

    A basic vhf radio is £100 and delivered within 24 hours.

    You do need a licence and but free !!


    Why the licence?

    You cant make a 999 call without a sim card in the UK, no matter what your phones tells you. There blocked to prevent hoax calls.

    VHF radios are the same, you need MMSI number to call the coast guard.  This is programed into the radio and the reason you cant buy second hand ones.






Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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