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    This time 3 years ago I got a letter saying I had to do jury service.

    Yeah this must be some kind of mistake I thought.

    I  rang the suggested number for anyone with issues about doing service,and I must say I was shocked at the opearators laid back manner.

    I Started to explain that I had a caution for being caught with weed in 95.

    Yes cheerfully he said we know all about that that has been wiped off your record.

    I  thought about telling him id been kicked out of three football grounds, spanked by a vicar for scrumping apples, but this penpusher had me on the back foot see you on the 17th he said curtly and put the phone down.

    Right I thought plan b.

    The 17th arrived and I thought id introduce myself to the other 50 or so people in style because first impressions last I thought.

    I burst through the door twenty minutes late and said real sorry guys my dogs got worms.

    A  few eyebrows were raised.

    Anyway they gave the expense sheets around and the guy asked for any enquiries?

    Yes the person dogsitting my dog is coming from Plymouth I said can I claim for the petrol?

    No way am I getting a case I thought now and sure enough I was home on Monday by midday!

    Wasn’t asked back for some reason.

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    I was on jury duty a few years ago.

    Absolutely hated it!!

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    Why was that sceppers….was there 12 angry men on the jury?…………….LMAo RATF PMl…………


    Cracking film that Q.Hubbies had to go twice,he would have done anything to get out of it.


    Lol. At one time people who worked in law firms, police etc..were excluded because of reasons…positions held. Today no excuses, and even if you have a Doctor note it is pretty much not accepted..

    I hate calling in to see if your number close each day and needed. I hate they give you few dollars a day to park your car which not pays for parking..and if you work your job not compensate you the funds be on a jury.. and let us  not forget if it a big trial and you needed more than a week, you pray, oh God…not me.

    Well I say off with their heads. Execute them. Whew…oh lord not been some time. I hope not get one now…notification…


    u dont have to do it if u have some type of mental prob it depends what thou

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    I will use that just nothing. Lol..need a doctor note too…think…



    not that easy to avoid jury service  unless of Course you have a criminal record or are exempt.

    luckily I managed to avoid old Bailey as they call extra jurors and I wasn’t needed. not bene asked back since :)

    work doubt even with expenses I would have lost money as. no shift pay/overtime etc . have always thought citizens ought not to be penalised to do service for country.

    ideally a simple average pay over last 6 mints. worked out. by  your proof of income and divided into working days? then. give the amount to you each day you serve.thus same  money being earned. no loss of income etc just loss of time. :mail:


    have always thought citizens ought not to be penalised to do service for country.

    I never thought of jury service as doing service for my country.

    My view is that a fair trial is absolutely necessary, and capital punishement is wrong.

    But when it comes to me doing jury service my view is

    a summary trial of 20 minutes – 10 minutes for the defence and 10 minutes for the prosecution, to ensure fair play – and then

    Image result for the noose

    no matter what the crime


    I think that in the States, it’s called making a date for a dance with Old Sparky



    supposly not all juryers if that is a word idk but meh, anyway not all of them know the ?s asked to them, so obv that is not good if the wrong person goes inside a cell.

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