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    planets colliding and bacteria :unsure:


    Human evolution is the lengthy process of change by which people originated from apelike ancestors. Scientific evidence shows that the physical and behavioral traits shared by all people originated from apelike ancestors and evolved over a period of approximately six million years. … humans are primates.

    This is one theory…..

    Anyone got their own theories…..👍

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    You are very much still a primate morg.


    When i was at school i was always taught that science is fact. Its only later that you then get to appreciate that its only a theory. As science learns and gains more information about the subject the theory can then be superseded by a better theory.This then requires a rewrite of the science books. I don’t think religion is ever allowed the same leeway as that not without ridicule anyway

    The Human evolution is a common belief and we often over look the missing link which leads many to believe in the interesting belief of extra terrestrial input. Which further leads to Jesus being a returning  astronaut, now i find that a little bit fascinating i like a good story.

    I don’t go to church or even live my life by god in any way but my gut feeling is creationist.

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    ty for your posts guys👍 keep them coming :good:


    very much against creationism but each to own. both my brothers are heavily religious but luckily unlike many other certain religions don’t try and shove it down your throat or remove your head! like any theory (which is essentially a belief) it has to stand scrutiny and debate. for my part as long as religion isn’t trying to kill or otherwise harm me I am willing to leave it alone. only other point I might make (  here I get flamed to death)  is that clearly. many are taught ( brainwashed?) form early age to have a certain outlook.  This is fully recognised as a sort of one way route and few rebel against teaching as a child with exception such as father xmas, fairies and water sprites etc .  funny that little balance of probabilities and clear logic is taught alongside and history is still taught by ‘winners’. ergo Egyptian and others written history is know to be often false.  :mail:

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    Carl Sagan, thats the man to read. im definitely NOT creationist. have no time for the standard cults (religions) they are just a different way of controlling people, whether by guilt, or the promise of heaven, which i don’t believe is a different place anyway.

    Both heaven and hell are on this planet, life seriously is what you make it, you can choose to give generously be kind, and smile a lot (Heaven) or become embroiled in bitterness, live in the past, stay stuck in a rut (Hell).

    i’ve never seen the point of anger and bitterness. but some seem to thrive on it and dramatise everything.

    Remember do as you would be done by, stop digging your own rut, and smile, you might like it :rose:


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    my question a bout evolution is

    if evolution is advancing that fast how come monkeys arent living  in caves by now

    surely our primate friends should have sussed out by now caves are a better  alternative than sitting in a tree like a dick.

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    thanks again everyone👍

    keep your replies coming x

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