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    I always have wondered about England and the concept of history, reason for the fox and hound chase. Purpose for so to speak. Anyone wish to teach us Americans here at JC..?

    Well our hunting season soon will be here. November our deer season, fowl season allowed, 2. Sad but over population… Bow/Arrow season as well.  I use to do that sport so much, but over the years my passion has left me little time. I don’t like to go for the kills, rather bullseye with target. Lol.. arrow boys, not toilet. Heeee…

    Red in f3, recently mentioned dove sport catching/killing. Geez, living here so long I was unaware of that. And yes of course you have those in the mid west, south that do shoots and such for food purposes, winter months..

    England have any other shooting or bow and arrow seasons, curious kills this cat often?

    Well as they say…



    fox hunting is banned in uk and it was only done by rich as they had nothing better to do with their time than hurt animals

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    Shooting season started today in the UK but alas I’m not in the UK at the mo.

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    Think the open season for hunting q’s might be open.

    You will need to check with mooosey88 though.


    Think the open season for hunting q’s might be open.

    You will need to check with mooosey88 though.

    Now where’s that dislike button we asked for?  B-)


    Think the open season for hunting q’s might be open.

    You will need to check with mooosey88 though.

    Now where’s that dislike button we asked for? B-)

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    Hi Linda! in reply to your question,Whatever you think of it, hunting has long been part of British cultural history, and that is reflected in a host of pub names. The Greyhound refers to Henry VIII’s favourite breed of hunting dog, while The Bird in Hand is a reference to falconry. Other common hunting-inspired pub names include Fox & Hounds, Dog & Duck and Hare & Hounds. Now I just need to hunt down someone to buy me a pint:)  The most popular pub name is ” The Red Lion” there are at least 600 around the country. The naming of pubs came from the Roman times when the romans would hang vine leaves outside as a trading sign to let passers by know they had wine to sell. During the reign of King Richard II, an Act was passed which made it compulsory for pubs and inns to have a sign in order to identify them as official watering holes. We had pubs with sporting names such as the Greyhound, The cricketers Arms and The Anglers rest. We also had pubs with trade names for eg The golden fleece ( for the wool traders) Carpenters arms, Masons and Blacksmiths. We had the travel pubs with names like The coach and horses, Railway or station inn, The horse and groom. Hope this information has helped you understand how we got our pub names haha. All this typing has made me thirsty off for a cold one xx

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    Was in a pub in Burlington Toronto yesterday called The Poacher on my way to Ribfest. And the ribs were bloody good as well.

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    So great. Thank you for sharing Sophia.  Xxx  great knowledge. Better understanding. ..


    In response to paigey…….most countries have the same opinion that the rich or upper class have to do things which separate them from the ordinary classes…… doesn’t always comes down to animals though.

    The funny thing is to me that Governments say…..well we are just like you…..well who are the you they are referring to?…….other members of their party?…….

    Same thing applies to celebrities or the super rich these days…….they have to do things or buy things which separates them from the ordinary people…..that’s all very well…..but in my opinion…..the ordinary person works harder than most of the aforementioned…..they just don’t get paid quite so much……LMAO RATF PML


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