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    You may ahve noticed.

    But they make me laugh.


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    this one reminds me of Morg


    and this one reminds me of quite a few people I am unfortunate enough to know atm.


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    This is what happens when a remainer gets bored.


    This is what happens when a remainer gets bored.

    and this is what happens when a leaver gets bored


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    I really couldn’t resist the above :yes:

    To me, it wasn’t  the heckling of Anna Soubry. That’s common.

    It was the ‘huckling’. Crowding around her, jumping in front of her as she walked, blocking her way. Very intimidating, especially to a woman, especially to a woman MP after Jo Cox.

    They picked on the wrong woman, though, didn’t they?



    I agree with you there skep huckling is common.

    The guys that did huckle weren’t anything you will see outside the house of commons anyday of the week.

    Another example of this is when ian bone a ultra left winger from Bristol went to Jacob rees moggs house and started saying all sorts of rubbish infront of his young children.

    How mogg was a horrible man, racist, paying his nanny a fiver a hour etc.

    2 days later mr bones daughter went on radio Bristol saying he was a terrible father, never paid a penny towards her upkeep, never saw her, and was not a nice guy.

    Mr bone also has history of going to eton college and confronting 14 year old upper class schoolboys.

    sooner some of these nutcases get locked up the better.



    I don’t agree that any of them should be locked up.

    Police defence against hucklers can be more subtle than just pushing people into prison..

    You’re absolutely right about Ian Bone. His journal Class War is an atrocity. British Anarchism has an honourable history going back to the Jewish tailors of the East End and the magazine, Freedom, edited by Prince Kropotkin during the 19th century.

    Bone is a real degenerate within this Anarchist tradition. The only place where he possibly deserves to get locked up is a secure mental health unit. Like Owen Jones and some here in jc, he has a crude view of the rich against the poor, and of ruling class conspiracies.

    There is no actual ruling class imho. The governing group of the State, the police, the hospitals etc can’t rule because they are marked by such a high degree of incompetence.

    There are very few conspiracies, but a lot of cock-ups.

    The only real conspiracy is one by the governing circle of the police, hospital bureaucrats etc to cover their backs when their bungling reaches disaster levels.



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