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    Somethings have to be said.

    LE, I think it is amusing that a little old lady like your good self has to be a power hungry mod in a chat room. Very sad. I can only assume you are dissatisfied with your life. I hope Martin pays you well, although the truth is you probably have to pay him as he obviously doesn’t give a fuck about you or JC. Martin is clearly using you, you are a tool. Not a very good one either. Did the police force turn you down?

    The best you can do is be Martin’s stooge and sweep it all under the carpet, but it doesn’t disappear by doing that. It will re-surface. The more you boot them, the more the problem will return. Booting someone out of the room really doesn’t help when you think about it, it just shows your hunger for power in a failing chatroom.

    You should try addressing the issues rather than temporarily sweeping them under the carpet. You have become so power hungry that you’ve forgotten the good things you wanted to do with that power.

    If someone does a poo on your living room floor, will you address the issue, and clean it up thoroughly, and get to the bottom of it, or will you just temporarily sweep it under the carpet knowing it will resurface?

    You silly old woman, get a life instead of hiding and loitering in a crap chatroom with your finger on the mouse ready to bash someone for saying the wrong thing.

    It says more about you than it does the trolls. At least the trolls get some kind of “fun” from what they do. I don’t suppose you get any fun from what you do, and if you do, it just shows what a power hungry old so and so you really are.

    Rather you than me

    Have a lovely day x


    I find le really good guide so mizzy it’s just you that finds her bad cos she bans you for been nasty person you get that mizzy try getting along instead of been the nasty person you have become   :yahoo:      ;-)   :wacko:   : :wacko:   :wacko:   :negative:   :negative:   :wacko:

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    Oh weemo the unbiased, do shut up x


    I have found chat guide LE a very pleasant person, and as J.C. may be under staffed, I give LE much respect and appreciation for what she can or able to do.

    Seems this thread as like many by this person is to condemn others for own mistakes they have made. Now others have to suffer to tolerate this crap, read it. Curiosity at what this writer spews now. Entertainment..

    Perhaps if you clean up your act, speak nicer to those whom you wish to help you, just maybe..and that maybe, they would or could help you. Insulting them, saying nasty things, going to help you? You should think before you spew nasty insults. Just a suggestion saying.

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    Where have I nastily insulted anybody?


    You can shut up as well linda


    heee haw

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    Read your own statements…old forth..not insulting some one? Hunger power? Dissatisfied with life? Police force turn you down?

    Take your hee haw crap and stick it were it not shine! Oh excuse have shown that too!

    You need help. Get it before too late..



    old forth..not insulting some one? Hunger power? Dissatisfied with life? Police force turn you down?

    linda its obvious English isn’t your first language, or if it is, you’re not exactly very good at it.

    Calling an old lady an old lady, is not an insult, any more than calling a young lady a young lady is an insult. You clearly don’t know what an insult is let alone a nasty insult.

    I’m quite sure she has been called far worse, as have you.

    Do shut up!

    Hee haw




    LE gives up their time to try and keep this place troll free but one person can only do so much..

    If I recall Sarah, you yourself did a touch of spamming last night.

    There is no denying that you have had a lot of abuse, people have used you, hurt you and gone all out to get at you but having a go at me for daring to be chatting to alfie while not answering your skype messages, throwing accusations around while not answering questions and spamming the room isnt helping your cause.


    Ever since my pictures were posted Alfie has admitted, and apologised, for giving you the pictures. I have screenshots where you and he are talking about it, where he mentions that you asked for them, you never once deny it while talking to him.

    The video that you were too drunk to remember him doing? Screenshots where you claim to remember that day, you were sober, you wanted him to look at you.

    Last night, despite everything, you were still posting that you love him…. and you call me weak?

    Every single time I think maybe I’m wrong, women should stand up for each other, NO ONES pic should be posted without permission. YOU have posted mine, fact. Sure, just my face but you didn’t get that pic from here or me and you posted it because I said people preferred my pics to yours. (I think tbf, I actually said I’d not had any bad feedback)

    You yourself have admitted you keep “insurance” on chatters. You have shown me several pics of people that I neither asked for nor wanted to see.

    You kept my pics.

    You say Alfie is evil scum yet spent hours last night talking to him and spamming the room.


    I love you Sarah but this cycle of getting drunk, going nuts, sobering up and apologising has gotten boring.


    Anyway… LE does what they can.

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    Le is a wonderful person, and I admire her for all she dose. Thank you le


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    I don’t usually use this ‘wailling wall’ BUT I cannot understand why some would post such trash if they have their own successful chatrooms on another chatrooms page or am i being stupid…………… I am sure the usual from the rooms will say l am…………………. LE does a great job on its own !!!!!!!…. So all u ninnies and noonoos vacate the building to another site that ‘ CAN MODERATE ””’PROPERLY””  ;)



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