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    He is a cider drinker

    The Wurzels




    Before the dawn

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    Whisky in the jar



    (Johnny Vicious Club Mix)

    Call Me When You’re Sober


    Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Can’t Stop

    #1060662 Before the dawn…awesome! As the saying goes…the darkest part of the night is always just before the dawn. Some how, even today, i’ve never heard this track from Amy.


    This is for my friend Orson Kart who often refer to as o.k.

    My mum said, (god rest her soul) that if we wanted to use words of profanity in our home, that “washing our mouth out with soap” would be appropriate, wait by the kitchen sink. I had this myself done 3x in my lifetime. Not pleasant…

    My earlier hours of shift were decent yesterday, and rather enjoyed posting with new/older posters. Now loading up on some coffee to wake up before driving home, and destressors last 2 hours of job, little hectic, out of control due to people feeling little uptight like you, come in here to look/read and find you are being a very very bad boy..
    Providing a little free therapy from the distance..
    How is your new flat, that what they are called? Or did you stay in same place? Ceiling finally repaired? Know gf on your blooming back, still together, or did you ditch her finally as noting much anger over female relationships wanting to just find casual relationship. No strings attached so to speak. Anyone new yet? Your descriptive view of tall, hanging long, you think some may want your number, where you live? Any prospects since then? HOW is your planned walk coming along for August? More supporters your way?

    Now I recall that you mentioned Martin contracted you for 3 times of day for threads, gad not paid you yet? Is this why your stirring up the morning delight? Are your other friends encouraging you to do battle, so they too can jump in as bored? Perhaps you have had a bad hair day! Your weed same, or change? Are you drinking, low today and feeling left out.. honey how should I comfort you today?
    Only suggestion right now for you is perhaps, get laid first, take shower, brush teeth, eat, clean up. Have breakfast then sit down and bring up your own private thread promised to Martin, see what you got. Suggesting from uptight approach, Do one the nasty can come out from boredom, help you release this built up desire making people go after you. How about another nice one on drugs and effects to the once better or nice human being you once were perhaps. Why the need or feeling to be so dependent. What hurt you? How can you provide intervention for others who have addictions so long? And finally pull out what makes you laugh, smile, hobby so we can join with you and we all share interest.
    Be well O.K. leave here start own discussion area. I will help you, your nasties. Will be the punching bag….

Viewing 7 posts - 11 through 17 (of 17 total)

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