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    Think I’d like to be less shyer and give more initiative in different things 🙂

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    I would change my self in the fact i would write more posts.

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    Hello wveryone..good subject this is..

    Its not so much about changing myself becsuse I feel it has happened already. For me it would be if I could turn back time to have changed things.

    The truth is back then I didnt like the person I was becoming. Many mistakes were made during my other time that has left regrets, however the possative side is the following.

    I’ll never regret the lessons it taught me and I’ll never regret the person it has made me now.

    I know I maybe going off the subject but I also hope that if anyone else had ever felt the same then I can only hope that this makes sense to you.

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    Oh lord keep quiz one end, something different on the other. Hee hee..

    Myself looking to see how we could get teams of scrabble or even monopoly in here. Maybe try trivia questions…name that tune, offering only a few lines up in which we have to name song, original artist, (you may do very well in that area)

    How is that for a few ideas????


    too late….

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    Like who sung this song or group….

    Monday, Monday……
    (Mama and the papas)

    Hello darkness mild friend,
    (Simon and Garfunkel)

    We are the champions, we are the Champions
    (Oops, forgot) tip of tongue.



    No, it is never too late..

    If could turn clock back perhaps, decisions maybe about settling..(me)

    Change attitudes about life as we move forward. Going for things never tried before.. new challenges more in fun not so much work and have to attitudes. Make sense….

    When younger hated boats, well liked them, view, wind blowing, smell of sea. Seasick often…. Things like that. Last summer my friend said try again maybe changed over years…purchased one of those braclets. Can not spell what was in it, but for seasickness. And you know it worked. My stomach did not have me hanging over rail most of day..hee hee…did not look too pink as have a very fair light complexion which can burn easily in sun.. and caught some fish, that tried to attack me when reeled in boat. Felt so bad for ut, cut line, tossed him back in…… did not care what others thought even if going to be dinner..


    Scar removal

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    Agree also a good post..

    Reflecting too, accepted, learned, survived, moved on. Yes all so true, learn by them and hope will improve from possible regrets and again becomes learning tools and lessons..

    Corresponding with some one else, do believe attitudes and how we see life or view it are changes that can be done. Never too late…

    I sat down recently and did my own bucket list..ever see the movie?

    Top few- needed holiday trip, badly…
    Try some wines, not a conisouer.
    Do a roller coaster ride
    Crash a party, you not invited too hee hee.

    Think we some times forget about us (me) as individuals, and we wrap and weave our life around others whom we live with, share life with….grow with. Individually we get lost in the crowd and do the walk…make sense?


    i would change being so modest ,perfect,adorable,sexy,oh and try to be more understanding of ginger people .i thank you xx

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