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    Hiding away from life and just ‘dipping in’ when it suits

    Pretending offending and not seeing those routes

    Cos all roads lead me back to things I don’t want to see

    Ignoring the pain and anyone who challenges me


    Wanting to exist in my sarah bubble

    When im sitting in a broken house amongst all the rubble

    Disgraced love replaced with uncertainty and disorder

    Became a Mizzy like a dish in a restaurant youd order


    Survival revival we do what we do

    You are not me and I could never be you

    Judgements decisions and screenshots of what ive become

    At the end of the day we are always ‘someone’


    You can look for the good in everyone you meet

    But most of the time be met with defeat

    You cannot appeal to someones good nature and heart

    Theyd need to have a heart for a start


    I was given a gift so long ago and I will keep it forever

    And it a gift I will always treasure

    Treat people the way they treat you

    And be kind and loving and always be true


    So whenever I now feel like I want it all gone

    And like today I don’t want to carry on

    I remember my grandchild and kids and my mum

    And all the damage ever done to me can be undone


    Its all of my own design, the anger the hatred and such

    You all think I love myself but I don’t very much

    Even this poem is all about me

    But that’s only because im more me than you could ever be


    Tell your own story and make it all about you

    Manipulate be strong and fail as I do

    Being real is not a crime, you wont get into trouble and do ‘time’

    Just live your own life and please don’t affect mine


    We are the creators of our own reality

    You will all become like me eventually

    It may be on your deathbeds when you see things like I do

    Its not any thought youd like to persue


    Judging someone is very easy to do

    But I wont throw stones at you

    Ok I might as im judgemental myself

    But its not about your intelligence or wealth


    Its about your heart.

    If you have one, many don’t.  If you do, then never forget you have one.

    If you do forget, then that is worse than any addiction.

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    since i started this thread and people will most probably crap all over it i may as well do it myself .


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    Great song


    u put yourself down mizzy

    stop it

    get on with life …… u have a lot to give



    you handle your suffering through your poetry.

    perhaps you could look at other poets and the way they handle their suffering??


    Just a suggestion, from someone who loves reading poetry.


    Thank you meonlyme and scep x


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