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    There seems to be a few Americans using the site who feel covid 19 vaccines are unsafe or an evil plot to take over the world.

    They describe covid 19 as “ a bad flu”. You cant be more wrong. Its a nasty painful slow way to die. 

    The UK’s vaccinated over 30 million people. Yes there been 300 odd deaths due to blood clots and no one sure why….. compared to 125,000 covid 19 deaths in the last year. 

    At the start of the year the UK was losing 1500 people per day to his pandemic. Since the vaccination program started in January the numbers fell to 50 per week by Apr. 

    There’s still protests going on and no one’s turn into a zombie….. yet 

    So I say this to our American cousins:

    You can look at the UK and talk to the users of this site who for the most part are vaccinated with astrazeneca or listen to other Americans who feel free health care is wrong and vaccination programs are the work of the devil.
    Be smart, get vaccinated !!!

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 1 month ago by  Mr Fishy.
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    Totally agree and the jab never did me any harm except a mild headache and sleeping 16 hours for two nights.


    Here is the evidence!


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    I’ve dated worst and will do again  B-)

    A lot of Americans claim Scottish descent…. lets see if they will listen to Nicola Sturgeon :scratch:



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    You know not what you are saying. Period!

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    As the Americans here have said multiple times. Some can not due to pre conditions. Some fear as this vaccine was worked on for 20 years and never approved by the FDA. Umm why not. Only approved now because of covid. Every one has the right here to make own decisions like UK. Own choice. Personally i did not for months. It a trial basically.  But apparently does not stop covid only helps if u get it…slows down severe illness or no hospitals. I was exposed to covid over a year and never got it followed guide lines. However felt forced too as I would be put in a category that would eventually leave me no access to my freedoms with out vaccines. ONLY reason why felt had too. My liberties would be impeded. So many keep changing protocol here has become more political than medical purposes..

    Open businesse . Keep closed. 1 mask 2. No restrictions go visit. Other places cant go. Nightmare for us all. Schools many still closed.  Well if children dont get it. Teachers had vaccine ummm why not open. So not only has the vaccine protocol to take and control our life…personal..has affected life around us with full of controversary. No quick fix I say. Just a quick solution to live life freely again per controlled government say so.

    I feel truly sorry for all those whose demise has happened due to covid. Should we all not go after TOGETHER more so the ones who knew about it and let it escape their labs. Oops.

    That is where these Americans and ME SAY. Transparency and truth. What next going to surface? TB. New strain, small pox new strain, umm those years ago so dangerous as well. What next do people have to vaccinate against due to foreign possible war fare games and experiments?

    Personal choice and decisions are our own. Out come ours to deal with

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    Linda’s reply highlights the difference the UK & USA.

    In the UK we don’t fear our government knowing they can soon be replaced if they mess up too much.  Members of our political system will be hounded to death for years if they do. The same can be said for our scientific community.

    There nothing more degrading that a little old lady batting you senseless in public place or a member of  public having a go.


    So let me tell you want I thinks going on in America.

    There a vaccine shortage and vaccinated people don’t need hospital beds.

    CVS health  & United health know pandemic is profitable time for them  and the long this pandemic goes on…. the more they make.  There no money in vaccinated people: they wont spend months in hospital beds.  Profits before people…..the more you can convince people not to take the vaccine’s the more money they make.   Its the American way   ;-)


    In the UK we’d hang then by there balls if they did this :yes:


    So what should you do being a good American?  Well follow the money of course  B-)

    Those with incomes over 150,000 cue for the vaccines while those on less don’t.  After all there’s lots and lots of poor people and so few rich.

    And if you think I’m joking …. look who’s dying !!!










    Love to all

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    Nothing to do with being American or any nationality :heart:

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    Is that an actual sign you wrote in your own back garden.?

    even if not you are so loving and lovely….♥️

    A world full of sasseys would be a world full of love :heart:

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    Sassey if you love me…. you’d be vaccinated by now  :-(

    Now stop mucking about and sort it out !!!

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