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    At last someone is Addressing the problem of North Korea.

    I have watched for Years, children dyeing from hunger, while they pouted there armour.

    When I say armour I mean every piece of weaponry they have or could lay there hands on.

    While in the 90s we were all enjoying every bit of culture. food and music going.

    They had a famine. God knows how much this famine killed. I know it was more than a million.

    I’m just very very  glad someone is doing something.

    We are entitled to think and fight, there not.



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    He hasn’t actually done anything and by America’s own military assessment the only way they can disarm North Korea of nuclear weapons is through a ground invasion as the weapons are in secure underground facilities – which will result in the deaths in the millions. Sanctions are also only effective if they impact on the regime rather than the people; and have the support of China who supply the oil pipeline.

    The North Korean regime is aware that dictatorships have the best chance of survival if they have access to powerful weapons – that’s their primary motive. It’s more of a repellent than an active threat. They launch one weapon and they know their time in power is over.

    And America isn’t blameless. It was they who intervened in the Korean War to keep out the invading North Korea forces – out of fear of communism spreading. It still fuels the paranoia of North Korea to this day.

    Yes it’s a problem but it’s unlikely to result in all out war.

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    If you think that is a repellent rather than a threat your far off your eggs than on your tatties.That is a full blown threat. Trump is telling him ,we are not standing for it.

    Do you want kim jung in to kill us all?

    The time for diplomacy is over. He can kill his so easily,  he can kill you and I in a blink of an eye.

    I have studied him ,his father and him killing there own.No!

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    Me too…………………

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    Not many outsmart mr trump how this kim treats his own citzens a disgrace

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    Stapler’s right..Trump hasn’t done anything yet.

    I think there’s a real possibility of war…let’s hope it can be avoided.

    If there is a war, it’s going to be very heavy indeed. I can’t see how anyone could be proud of taking part in it.


    I don’t see how Trump has out-smarted anyone since becoming president, Milkman. he’s failed to get anything significant through Congress yet.

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    Are you for real. Do you think I want war?

    No I don’t want war.What I want is for people,who have no idea what war, is  about,  to stop eating bark from trees.Can you imagine your kids or grand kids eating bark to survive,and after they have survived,live in a world where they don’t praise god or any other religion, just a man who made them eat bark. Can you imagine  the hopelessness.


    I never said you wanted war. Where did you get that fro :unsure: m?

    I just don’t how you’re proud of Trump when, as Stapler points out,  he hasn’t done anything yet apart from brandishing his nuclear arsenal threatening ‘fire and fury’. There is certainly no way that Trump can remove the North Korean regime without war – none that people can see..

    They may moderate their rhetoric and stop their nuclear expansion? Hopefully. But that will do nothing to remove famine.

    If you have any idea of how to remove famine in North Korea, then you should share. I don’t think there’s anyone who wants famine anywhere – and North Korea is only one country in which famine is caused by political conditions.


    Some Chinese strategists are working on ways to paralyse North Korea in case of an emergency (they involve an electro magnetic pulse, or EMP,  whihc will stop all electronic communication in the country, preventing the use of their weapons, but it’s very untried and risky). More likely, any war with North Korea could soon involve China, as happened the last time.

    In a war, I would expect North Korea to make some pretty dramatic moves which affect us all, as they seem to be at the cutting edge of cyber warfare. They’ve already bought parts of the NHS to a halt earlier this year. Cyber war has the potential to reduce advance economies such as ours to the conditions of a medieval siege. Then we’ll all be eating bark, if we’re lucky enough to find it.



    i’m on north koreas side america is just bullying them like they did to the iraqis
    lets not forget only 1 country has ever used a nuclear bomb and it wasn’t north korea


    How about Hillary for a start? I didn’t say since he became president just pointing out hes a smart guy as votes proved

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