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    :scratch: even here where comments are invited to  improve things I see argumentative attitudes and even a swear word used!  lack of admin whom can ban or permanently  stop  an intruder whom creates mayhem  might go a long way to helping things. at moment quiet a few seem to know each other and use descriptive.  titles that bear no  relation at times to person title listed.  thsi my be nice  to  call somebody a nickname etc but  will not allow followers in chat whom are not up to  speed too know whom is chatting to whom. many get abuse within moments of  entering room fo Ron reason at all. had a few attacks on myself too.  this alone will have  any new visitors never coming back. site will die unless its used . we need rules where politeness is expected and given. if somebody has. an attitude or wants to flame or abuse another person ? that needs to stopped.  how about enabling a group ban ? so that ion more than 2 people have somebody on  Iggy  it comes up for a vote in room?  vote to  ban that number/name for 48 hours or allow to remain.  aware not ideal as some abusers have ‘mates’ but without. admin such as LE  whom can take direct action. this chatroom is not looking healthy . the :yahoo: other chat room I use has robots that auotmatically kick any abuse/swearing out.


    Just H!   I think you still have time to edit that waffle if ya quick.



    Even a swear word?….LOL Somer must be in then?…PML LMAO RATF

    Here’s a question…what ever happened to Norfolk Mafia?….bit like that old painting book we had as kids…..follow the dots….or paint the dots…main point was….colour it in and you get the picture….PML LMAO RATF



    Rotten apples in a cart? better kick linda out then…LMAO RATF PML


    To be honest H this site hasn’t looked healthy for years…where you been?….PML LMAO RATF


    You are the rotten apple on these boards Q.


    Have a lovely day!


    Id personally ban the riff-raff – and stop allowing DHSS e-giro to be cashed in JC.

    One must keep to the high standards.



    we ban the irish and scottish and if time people from middlesborough


    LMAO…..sorry drac….improving the site does not necessarily mean…..only coming in when you think the software can be improved……the only reason this site exists in the first place is because people chat…..which in my opinion….you don’t….


    LMAO @ Middlesborough…..well at least paigeys stopped her ranting at gay people for a while…..(no i’m not gay by the way)…..This place gets funnier and funnier.

Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 31 total)

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